Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ash I just fell in love with canada for a moment.  I mean I was toting around the passport but just realized why.

Ash conspiracy theory time.  I think the greys are responsible for the urban dictionary.  I dont think that cool of a thing and massive of a project could be done and recieve so much non-attention and to gather from the street and not written sources.  Possible?

Ash what the hell are hackers doing?  I mean really?

Found a new favorite place yesterday.  Replaces the lost mural at cosi.  Cannot express the beauty seen with my own eyes like I opened them for the first time.  Television and other screens dont do the retina justice and I just learned this yesterday.

Revolution is caught up in music just everyone is ignorant of what the revolution is.  Much unrest in youth in music tonight fighting the machine.  Ghandi, eye opening tonight comes to mind with the  mention of Napoleon.  And of course the quote by JD Salinger from Franny and Zoey, why does everyone insist on goig forth and making a big splash.  Couple this with myether blazing greatness disappointment desolation field burnout and I dont know where I stand tonight.  A maelstrom of inner turmoil and longing and subsiding...

I am following youth movements in music.  DO your anarchist friends have their own tunes?  Ash:  Not that I know of but maybe that extended crew does.  Also.  U cant be glorifying this scene cuz everything sounds better on paper/in theory.  Many of these anarchist kids r way 2 young 2 have true and working and lasting handle on anarchy and sadly, it is just a fashionable phase...

I am not glamorizing.  I am interested.  What makes the kids this way interests me and even what makes them change.  I mean there is alot of energy expended on thinking in this manner.

I mean the reason it is a phase is because there is no serious initiative, no vein to exploit, no traction in the political world.  I mean how does one highjack order is what it comes down to and nobody knows how to do that.

Call me magnolia silverfin today.

I have to say I like the anarchist radicalism not that I know what it means all of it but simply because it is a stand away from regular politics and is like waving the dukes a hazard confederate flag.

Ash: "U could do linguistics you know."  Draco:  Linguistics? said in the same manner as the cowboys in salsa commercial surprised it came from new york.

 Ash I totally have a project.  I want to do a documentary on anarchists.

Ash Ive been abducted by jewishness.  I always thought it would be grays.

And do you remember the triad party decorum flash ur friend uttered upon me mentioning the urstatt?  (Freedom and responsibility- NOT freedom from responsibility)  It is a breath of fresh air spartic to speak your virtues so openly and matter of factly in this fascist stressed industrial mindic playing field.  They the anarchists are citizens in my country.  Almost a too laid back effrontery,  mocking patriotic loyalists, and clear duty sighted with responsibility in mind saying what is on the tip of everyone's lips but cant see because so inundated with fascist bullshit.  I mean we pitiously argue about whether to do the pledge to allegiance. Yet it never fails to here the national anthem at a football game or even to have an exessive celebration penalty for a errant wrong military solute after a touchdown.  This laxity coupled with absolute overkill outstounds me.  I mean I like the Hitler salute personally, there just isn't a place for that these days.  I mean I hate the wave and handshake and the pit and pendulum feel of the adjusted tie.  I mean why not be spartic.  I like sparta much these days. And how rediculous am I being?  I hate the military boot camp way of life.  HA!

The security guards at Koffe? looked me over.  An innocent, dumb, protocol blank, ignorant scan.  If I were a crip I would have shot them scum fucks dead.  If I owned the shop I would have booted the fools out and stamped a barcode on their foreheads.

My winter anarchist Christmas celebration:  have three tires burning in a triangle array at base, wear gas masks and have torches dripping napalm put intense strobes on tree like a tower pylon signaling  airplanes put a red and black flag on top then burn cross.  Publish on you tube and be cool.

I was wearing my army medal that u attached to the backside by the polar bear and asked the lady if the security guards would kick my ass for wearing it because that is what my boss said at work.  And I told her about the kid in the football game who lost the game for his team for being penalized for excessive celebration which was simply for a military salute.  So harshly fascist.  That is why I wear my medal today.  She said it was safe to salute today and I liked it on the day of the dawning of my spartic responsibility. It reminded me of the anarchist coffee shop in Portland,  I so wanna arsh.  If I had cancer the make a wish foundation would send me there.  The garbage pail kid feel of america.  My dashing rebel dukes of hazard flag.  Man fort isolation with this flag forvever until death my friend!!! LOVE Draco.

Koffee was a good suggest.  I love the silverware holder with forks followed by a question mark?  Responsibility in honesty of the absurd coldness, of things not a perfect perfecting of this with american enthusiasm that is fascist in demanding that forks without fail terminate in the right bin, the forks bin.

Smoking officially stopped for three days and counting.  THis day is Janus  infused and the first glint of the dawn of the janaurius year.  May the temple gates remain steady as i joy in religious hokey pokey cross bashing trash talk heard on HBO.  I needed it openly for a moment or the memories.  To live in front of the veil on the foreground for a long time being haunted by the church bells and then, to run across a bottle of water saying fuck god in the middle of the desert.   That bottle is the same as looking behind the veil and realzing, oh that was nothing, just a spark, just a reminder that the church will have had its day one of these days.  That shit is primed lock and loaded and on autopilot to auto-trifriculate its dumb ass of the planet one of these days.  One elegant stroke in the dessert says more than a million angel adorned trees and legit hail marries.  I think I just heard the artillery barrage ballistics in which perhaps I come closer to realizing or seeing the death of god as I know it.  Or not that could be wishful thinking or lusting after Nietzschean nonsense.  I am a mensa boycotter remember and Nietzsche is the origingal blue drift emissary vessel that annihiliated the majestic longness way of life.

Def Geoff inspiration day after a few calibration days of disengagement from the breast of the ether induced manna nugg milk spiritual weather patterns.  I walk the streets of Haven today outside of my metal machinic cave and what fresh air I smelled today.  A thousand and one thanks for the koffee? recommendation.  Reco. Recon officer Jafe aryan verengen was stoked today by the outing.

The bombardier pilot in me loves u for being an echo base target.  I need a place target to aim my shrapnel ash. I told a yalie grad student today that I am a graffiti word sketcher brendatic.  He said he approved.  I told him I am was shy of the academic grindstone.  He said it was good to be producing and I wished him well on his way back to the cybernetic factory.

There is no grinch or santa.  The two forces together form a hybrid: the dread jester.  With diamond heart teeth and staff adorned with broken dream lamps and festivle neonic bulbs.

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