Friday, January 14, 2011


Rimage. Cat growl in my ear. Two cats sneaking in the parking lot afterwards with a sentiment they are onto u in regards to this blog and in regard to the crow ash socks bb put on me tonight. Crazy missionary tight pussy that must be exercised and ready to make tight. So much i dont know about anel after tonight. Women for some reason thought they could handle penic better than me. Doubtful after tonite and the stiffest best erections of my life today. And afterwards a lameness fell for a while as if there wasnt enough strife violence in the nigjt. Small aspects yes and we are still bn aquainted. I did slap mandy bot after only a couple of days for her crazy notes from underground panic. Much more meaning than empty spectacle girl hitting drama. It did not have the nic excitement of yesterday with the rape no doubt. It was more like a lust cat fucking in her den because that is what she does and is. Lion feel on doggy style. Rad new feel position doggy. I am still learning i am very inexperienced. Great perfect machic breast auxilary streamlined smaller than a full silicon chest. She asked if i was ok i put my finger to my mouth and we were mellow quiet. She massaged me naked kissed me much and said she was waiting for me no massage next time just sex. I her belly and hips and ads are a bit lacking but solid spade pose. I said for a moment i almost like paying but i seriously need an hour or more to fuck to devour a pussy. The hard fucking porn vid the pros are way more advanced than me i mean i am not at the point where i can take a girl to my full blown cock of earlier today or something. We are still being acquainted. But generally speaking she was motherly soothing which isn't so cool and we have to start from scratch and the relation has not taken off like wild fire.

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