Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christ-X-mas: Anarchist Style

I am a modern day witch.  I have been hospitalized for hugging a tree along a city street and arrested by the cops for trying to frame my dad for attempting to murder me.  Except people today are no longer witches; they are mental health badlam warders gone awol.  My quasaric time warping-traveling mind has been reintrouduced to the earth atmosphere formally by Poison Tooth Heads or the orange skinned bio-hazard toxin breathing wearers of white coats parading down steralized chemical halls lit by the light of ghastly phosphorescent bulbs; patients of their own lives no doubt.

I realize the title of this writic sketch cartoon post is more Jack Frost and Wintertide-ish with Norse yule logs and evergreen trees on top than Hallows Ween.  Nevertheless, the masks, horrors, and costumes gleam and shine more brightly, annoited by whole-lye-oil of the Row-man Cat-o-holic Chich, during these whiles accompanying the paganistically tainted event of the winter solstice.

The Walled Pond In  meadow, part of a random sliver shard of wood, adorned with organic and natural grass - no mangers and straw made of petrified whole-lye-oil - not an uber-richness of sacredity that is bound to destroy any good set of spiritual bowls.  The woods are haunted by multi-dimensional UFO's treading the earthen turf as well as by black robed humans who fancy themselves Terrans.

The confederate flag was found by one of the robed Terrans and brought to the Blackline meadow for other black robed Terrans to see.  "Glory," spoke the leader of the Terrans.  The other robed ones were speechless and didn't know what to say or how to respond as the concept 'glory' simply did not register in their minds.  "Rebel, rogue, trickster" spoke the leader.  Understanding vaguely but still much in the dark the remaining robed Terrans remained silent.  "We are barely evil," spoke the leader a last time.

Eventually an evergreen tree was brought into the center of the meadow and three tires in a triangular pattern were arrayed around the base of the tree and lit afire to billow clouds of black smoke.  Under their hoods every Terran wore a gas mask and carried a stick; tip alight with napalm (gasoline and styrofoam).  A Star crossed X confederate flag (south pole will rise again) was placed at the top of the tree along with the red and black anarchist banner.  "This is a mystique building session," spoke the leader again as an angry strobe light was attached to the tree reminiscent of the strobes on tall power line pylons alerting airplanes of their presence that pierce the blackness sharply and harshly with their flashes. 

"The confederate flag is dead.  Buried in history leaving its skeleton behind to be reincarnated by new spirits.  Let it again live.  May a splash of dash from this resurrected banner grace us.  Let us be barely evil.  Allow us a splash, a tinting of life force from the genuine rogue concept that must exist outside of a movie screen or a terrorist or drug lord plot or intrigue.  And so, this is why we inspire thee bandit flag with the red and black banners of anarchy."

As the robed meadow enchanters attempted honesty and looked upon the scene and words with their napalm lit staves in hand, a large cross in the back ground was set on fire for video purposes.  The strobed tree with red, black, and confederate flags on top, robed gas mask wearers with napalm torches, triangle patterns of burning tires spewing out clouds of black smoke were video taped and uploaded to the internet entitled: "Attempted Incarnation of the Loki Spirit."

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