Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Forget what is below, the affliction that most women suffer from must be due to the strange intentionally doped chemicals put into nail polish and other manicure ointments.

Dick the misogynist  says - Don't you just hate how women go off with some mysterious cameraman and act all peachy flowery smiley to paint the walls of the world with their picture.  In a public setting around an actual woman one only receives a cold ice blizzard shoulder and eyes and oblivious ignore-ranting demeanor.  Artificial smiles, forged gazes, counterfeit charms.  Don't get me wrong, looking at a pin up of a girl is superlative to actually being in the presence of the girl.

Their form is undeniably machic raze blaze bomber streamlined ultra violet neonic pink nirvanic hyper rapid hip blitzing ether essence striped candy cane from the white south pole.  The only thing of importance about them further than this is their baby factory instincts.  I am not a machismo and have no problem with the feminist movement.  Rule the world if you want but allow that most females are a feminist joke monkey that refuse to stop behaving like women in the slighted anti-feminist sense when in the presence of men even though they be at work or in a public bi-gender setting. 

The whole reality of the process and situation of the creation of a pinup picture, as the daze of fantasy lifts every now and then, and thoughts which bombard your mind causing it to ceaselessly wonder: "These camera men have so much mystique, they find all of these women, so many women, I didn't even realize that hot women like that existed in real life. And that many of them!  I didn't realize I was such an anti-babe magnet.  Hell I don't even get to see a hot women in real life but maybe once a year for a second or two if I am lucky.  The disparities of which eyes see and what are alarming and crushing."  And a realignment life always demands at this point; one is held responsible for such matters no matter how much or little they care and even though they have no answer and will never have an answer.

 I dislike and am skeptical of photography and large scale canvassing of the world with their images and think it the devious, evil, sinister core of what makes women women.  Some may say porn is trashy, which very well may be the case, but what occurs with porn is the basic paradigm or strategy however refined, elegant, beautiful and however you want to describe it, of women in general.  Women have a mental advantage over men due to their physicality.  I heard a rule once from the pen of a Casanova in his own right: "It is the place of man in the grand scheme of things to initiate contact with women."  I fight the rule but am not prompted to do so from any impetus provided by the rule.

I just cannot believe women think they are majestic little beautiful crystals hanging in sunlit windows to be adored and cherished and primarily because they think only their half of the human race is deserving of this classification.  I mean I am dumbfounded that that is the accepted societal perspective impressed upon us by women.  I mean I am dumbfounded that men approach women at all.  I mean how was this battle line established and socially accepted?  Arranged marriages are a thousand times more likable than women's wrath of an icy cold shoulder generally speaking as they walk the feminist line by being out in public yet retain just about all girlish tendencies.  I mean cover the damn creatures up.  Men are disgustingly entranced by pictures of the women who walk all over them.

Most women are feminists monkeys but cannot even behave civilly and with propriety in regards to friendly relations with a member of the opposite sex from a chance meeting in public akin to two men greeting each other in passing on the walk.  Women generally speaking amongst the masses of males sure can tell most men a few things about general sexual restraint although this obviously is a grotesquely exploited superiority complex female mind distortion exaggerating the caliber of an attribute it be.  A challenge for men:  why not every guy give women a cold shoulder, completely ignore them at all costs, just to see what would become of things, to re-establish the battle lines.

Women and their cold shoulders, eyes always looking away from you which is the equivalent of cold darts being thrown directly in your face, almost induce in me a spirit for sport.  And sport not within the realm of courting games.  A game, a sport that is the equivalent to the women's tactic of the cold shoulder or total ignoration.  A bit of revenge and sport from the blizzard and ice storm I lived through while growing up in a woman's world seems like it would be in order.

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