Sunday, January 16, 2011

Draco Visits-Treads the Urban Dictionary Chat Room Scene

Under the call name Gambit Black, I visited-treaded into an editor page/chat room on the Urban Dictionary website and encountered a group of lamer chode-ic teenage pessies.  They were lamers enthused about cake and oranges, bashed even lamer "authors" who try to be something in this world by publishing, loitered on the outskirts of the wild, untamed, always vibrant, lively, active world of slang language creation/evolution in cybernetic land world realm, refused, rebelled, and did not even deign to reveal and flash their own slang words but were cock sure the word entries to be edited and added to the site data bases were worthless, and seemed to be waiting for something; something other than lame-o's trying to make an impotent splash on the net, and didn't give a hoot gosh darn tooten about being anything in the world and disparaged the supposed edifying aspects of schooling - slang words included.

In short, one wonders first of all what they were doing in the chat room in the first place.  They are young teenagers.  They don't know better and I give them the benefit of the doubt that they were waiting for something; something other than lame puss rocket heads trying to make a splash on the net through slang masturbation - or publishing a word - and wanted something more from language and words than the urban dictionary has to offer at this time.  I mean what disorderly chaos be the Urban Dictionary (why not a sub-urban dictionary and a rustic dictionary etc.).  Terms from all over the world flying here and there, some terms attempting to dominate the entire Urban Dictionary scene erasing local color, interaction between true neighbors becomes more non-existent, and how cybernetic space trumps actual lively street lingo which I am almost convinced only exists amongst real street gangs (i.e. Bloods, Crypts, etc.).  Everyone wants to have their entourage, their peoples, their edge and slang to make it sharp and edge-ic, their local color.  And perhaps this was a protest against cybernetic land occupying and abducting everyone and making true neighbors distant miles and the base sordid squalid verbage-talk that plain folk tend to gravitate towards for some dreadful reason or another.

But this insight can only go so far and thus, in short, they were cynical teenage pessimists (pessies) which made for a somewhat strange encounter; strange mainly due to the fact that it happened in the first place.  I mean once again why would these youth be sitting in an Urban Dictionary chat room talking about cake and oranges, and be bashing wordsmithing-word brendatic folk?  One explanation: there is no core, no central concept or impetus, no mystique about any words or set of words, but rather a loose A-10 Thunderbolt 30mm cannon shooting chaotically into the void; word nihilism and meaninglessness.  And perhaps this was theirs and my lament for such  a situation. The encounter transpired as follows:

Gambit Black: What are you people doing in this chat room?
Xero_Manifest:  talking to people while rummaging
through the loads of crap that stupid authors
try to get published
Gambit Black: So people get things for publishing
words on here?
Xero_Manifest: just the fact that they made up
a word and have it on the internet
Kat_Shrew: Yup, so they can say they
published a word on here
Xero_Manifest: to show off to the world only to
find out that nobody really gives a crap
Kat_Shrew: That's so true
Xero_Manifest: hahah
Xero_Manifest: prophet status
Gambit Black: strange cynical talk for people
actually in the urban dictionary chat room
Gambit Black: yeah, we don't give a darn about
words, yeah, let us graffiti the chat room of the
urban dictionary with word pessimism/nihilism and word brendatic hate
Kat_Shrew: You and confusion must be friends
Gambit Black: Nobody is also a good friend of
morgancarter: soo
Gambit Black: I will "s" pivot o-o mach your ace-ic
with my glitch rod deathnaught(not) mech
Kat_Shrew: o.o
Xero_Manifest: good luck with that
morgancarter: wow this is boring........ just
Kat_Shrew: I want cake, but we have none -_-;
Xero_Manifest: that sounds awesome right
about now
Xero_Manifest: so gambit, you actually trying to
read that or just gave up chatting?
Gambit Black: I am here...If you want cake after
what I just said u were definitely "s" pivoted
morgancarter: U expect 14 and 15 year
olds to understand your expressions
Xero_Manifest: if anything, it just means that me
and gambit are of higher intellect due to us
being farther in schooling (after it was established Xero and I were the eldest in the room)
morgancarter: true
Xero_Manifest: but nobody cares about that so eff that
Gambit Black: boredom probic

[Terminating Urban Dictionary Chat Room Transmission]

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