Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Dragonflye: Poem of the Day

The Dragonflye

To youth, a dragonflye - bold - came amidst
Of such fortune - youth unaware - tryst
Intrepid and daring - Icarus infused
Of swallowing the sun, the dragonflye mused

'Oh no! Dragonflye, oh, don't you dare!
The sun will burn your every hair'
The youth pleaded and warn-ed
But ended ignor-ed

And flew the dragonflye skyward bound
To that glowing orb - resplendently round
And hear not again of that dragonflye - youth did
But chance encounter ended in talk candid

Machine Diety essence not of present time - rhythm divine
With machinery neither of past or future drew near
Approached the youth with mask-ed face - appelation: Deity Ine
Demanding whither went his little dragonflye dear

Masked, Deity Ine, grimaced and glared
To Youth - on words a choke -
Issued more than unfriendly poke
And to lie the youth doth not dared

'What relation have I with little yon Icarus'
Pleaded youth, 'that flew past stratus'
But listen not did Deity Ine - ominous, grave
Who --- the youth for allowing dragonflye to be so brave

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