Saturday, January 15, 2011

Draknite Enchantment Creations Gather Around The Christmas Lights on a Snow Laden Fir

Drimnir (Drimdagnir) my nightmare/night mare.Black magic card enchantic.  Monitor. Scorpion. Dragonflye. Golem, the rep from the draknite mine.  Blue wood and blue shells.  How are these creatures supposed to get themselves out there, do they want to get out there?  Go back to the story when What meets the matchstick baron on the road.  What brings me there again, and the story must go on.  Neonica gleve-ra inspired tale perhaps? (No this post is simply an introduction if the enchantment (enchantment creatures needs to be a token name like Looney Toons and will suffice for the moment)  I want t skunk worked crudeness more brutality shocking than South Park and Family Guy (The father sits in front of the TV watching his own show and he spazzes out in a craze like the spastic little seizuring garbage pail girl that shocked me once showing the insanity of watching TV, the brutal grotesque nature of this masses opium of the modern day, and then the father heads explodes in a bloody pulp and drimnir comes on and stresses the importance of peoples imaginations and creativity like in kindergarden) yet seriously biting like the swastika out of my creatures.  E-reck-tic desecrations with war machinery like Jager and scorpion droids released by Jager to do the Monitors bidding). Creatures must also be funny and outrageous as well otherwise they are not included in the menagerie a warning for the management being me Draco.

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