Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Giant Blue: The Mechanical Cores of Happy Glowic Stars

The earth has a sky blue domed hood.  I saw a compartment door of the then apparently solid sky open once while reading a scene from one of my favorite books: Giant Blue - The Mechanical Cores of Happy Glowic Stars.  When a robotic sky crew actually does physical maintenance on the mechanized sky, solid compartments are opened that appeared seamlessly blended into the 3-D foreground previously when viewed from the ground or appeared to be simple atmospheric gas.  Often times dead shipwrecked musical artists who were attempting to kiss the sky blue tent hood are extracted-removed by routine robotic assessment and protocol maintenance droids due to the fact that they didn't realize the sky was a solid piece of matter..

Fossil shards from black oil-petrol-gasoline engine exhaust residues dance in the wind and every once in a spontaneous while will, from some strange supernatural coalescent force or another, settle like volcanic ash into a solid, complete form of a dinosaur skeleton.  People have wondered about the spontaneous death of a thousand red tipped black birds or even the apparent apparition of the Virgin de Guadalupe on a stained wall.  But never have the people wondered, much less appreciated, what the bone collector of spontaneous formed dinosaur skeletons hides:ce novel species of skeletal reptilian specters that auto-coalesce spontaneously around polluted urban areas with ample and enough fossil fuel fragments floating in the air for the formative process.

I was riding in a spaceship once while reading a sci-fic book.  A portal of the space ship opened and a nebula came into view: Bluedrift.  And back lighting the blue gaseous mass were millions of youthful blue giant stars.  Special moments special.  This memory of space is my fondest.  In places like the Bluedrift nebula galaxy, blue giant star cores are machines-factories producing a million different celestial ether star dust charms.  Blue charm-ed be the gravity wells inhabited by these noble blue happy giants causing sustained fussional neuronic charmic excelsior reactions to occur in the minds of creatures residing in the blue lit realm. 

The glowic machine reaction core of each star produces an celestial ether field of emitted charms which is the equivalent to a radio broadcasting center here on earth emitting music laden signals.  Being spawned in that realm, Bluedrift nebula galaxy creatures have mechanical-organic devices in their minds that make them charm channel receptoric.  From where the machine cores of the blue giant stars incipient their charm used to accompany blue glowic light and happy enchanted ether, only Nobody, a maiden of the muses, knows.  Studies have been done on Bluedrift creatures and apparently there exists a "spiritc vertebra" that is characteristic of these creatures back bone from this blue giant star core engineered realm which is responsible for their blue neonic charm-ed happy lives.

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