Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Morning...

I awoke today walking down the path from sleep to wake and approached the iridescent glowic door fo the living this morning with a rare view, or partial view of a removed perspective on life or more so than I have have had at least in current perfunctory remembrance. Today is primarily a ZERG day.  Corrosive silicon and cobalt bombs from a silicon star sector cried out today as did the machine (winky star blue giant) wondering if I truly liked it since I have not completed the Ride with the Machine story or the machine poem.  I mean Maybe a protoss day.  I was fantsizing too much about the machine tech yesterday perhaps and today is a new perspective.  Jiffy Red Jelly Bean, or Shark Faced Taurus, my car, tried to be a biological arsenic lobster hi-jacked borrowed from the poetry website that refused to publish my poems.

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