Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Helium Enchantment

Mechanic Naturic Abstractic Chantic: Hallowed Electric-toxin-tonic
(Nirvana Rapier Chantic: Afterglow brend burn)

A happy poem for Walled In Pond, Cat Meadow's ear enchantment:, an ode to Blue Giant Stars, Sky Blue, and Sapphires glowing in the dark.

Mechanic Nature-ic Abstractic Chantic: Hallowed Star Tonic
[Nirvana Rapier Chantic Afterglow]

Face painted of yellow petal dye
On finger sky blue gray ring glowing
Mead fire blazing in mind's eye
Innocent blue giant ultra indigo x-ray ray laughter on wind blowing

Dance-prance-tread do I; quantum mechanical abstraction
With axles and rubber feat; machine head reaction
Shards of yellow tire fire fly - daffodil romancing
Rocket trajectory arc flare into dark sapphire midnight void glare - moon glancing
Body a sprocket, finger a rocket - a word array
Fiery photon, star cast, to moon dust - a twinkle ray

Raking dark celestial gardens does lunar dust claw
Frozen helium, oh blue noble gas, welcome to the thaw
Machine reactor burneth thee - for blue enchantment say
As happy chemical breathing machine gods sway

Oh neon electric blue mechanical celestial mead ether lamp
Evanescent life manna blazer reactor sighted
Father earth protocol: swallow an amp
From tonic tit of Gaea Goddess Witch Crone

Green sun rising down from blue mechanical cloud towards horizon
Brief light - darkness harking
And crescent - awol orbit
Mechanized pendulum of dread

Emissary hornet from nectar cicle vent
Bearing Gaea Godess Witch Whore Crone brew scent
Spoketh of the mechanized quantum mechanical bower
Dire dire, sayeth bee, by the hour

Awaken-ed daffodil from winter sleep
Memory it did noth keep
Blue helium moon scarred through the ages
As history rages

But what to city machine eyes be this bitty
Meets mine eye: quantum alien daff-a-lune-clover

Meadic draught shall thou stay
And light lit yellow flower and blue silver crescented orb again some day

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