Monday, January 31, 2011

Junkers at Walled in Pond Woods

Opening scene, have the presidential address be given by a masked person in a good robotic voice that relates that UFO's will be shown to the public.  UFO then revealed in a ceremony and then the junker scare begins.  Who is who?  What is what and that is at-that-at, and they are who and this is this.  Have announcers announce a baseball game with who, they what and this etc...Drive with the machine, towards seattle, an ally in the pleadians, billy pleadian dumb head is singled out as a grey etc.  Ansonia nature center hauntings...  Movie idea.  Search and destroy all hybrids within society.

My reasons for this take are simple.  The encounter with the junker gray presence in the Walled In Pond Woods was wrong.  I was being hunted or something, it was not straightforward and I do not like what happened.  I have severe reservations thinking their presence a benevolent one after this encounter.

A contingent of Agents of some kind capture a hybrid probe entity of some kind.  Investigation ensues etc...
Hybrid entity admits being a gray probe of some kind and nothing more...A brutal barbaric but perhaps rightful contingent of humans involved in the investigation ends torturing and ultimately assassinating the hybrid probe.  Perhaps also include what would happen if full disclosure occurred.  Spit and and ream and ice hollywood for being the disgrace that it is. 

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