Thursday, January 6, 2011


"Cat Meadow! Answer your phone I say to ye, my tummy be a rumblin for some koffee? and I forgot where koffee? was and I didn't know where to go find some anarchists."

To make an anarchist documentary: the thought of the day.

"And your new Chemical Industrial nickname Cat Meadow, due to your vinegar bandanna tear gas story about Old New York, or the Citi-Dell (Corporate sponsored denotation of citadel), is: seeing red - CN Red - cyanide red. This name was of course directly inspired by contact with the silver jaguar head door knocker that without doubt appears to be wearing a chemical breathing apparatus or gas mask on Cat Meadow's front door.

And Cat Meadow is also dabbling her paws in chemicals and hybridactic theories like why red stars glow in the dark and how the iridescent feline of Calicutless went extinct giving the throne away to the common brown alley cat. So therefore, an option it not be, but a necessity, to word glyph her here with a chemical word brenditic nickname: cyanide red.

"Seeing red" is originalated from the Main Slate rock music conception of anger: a raging pulsing red laser beam biting into the ethereal lead of Brahma, a 1000 sided societal tug of war. Easy Company 353 has interviewed and evaluated many red heads, red laser beam neuron sour pusses, red wired short circuit fried heads, and jumbled grungy concert goer Kinked Neck Red.  The conclusion of Easy Company 353 was a question:  Why are rock musicians screaming so much? Talk of the metal grated streets, rioters, and black nihilist grenades in the streets of the Fat Apple sparked flared Cat Meadow's memory to recall a tip she had capriciously learned to avoid the detrimental effects of tear gas: dowse your bandanna in vinegar and place it over intake breathing holes ports.  The third shard of impetus for appellation: cyanide red.

The foreground is of course the riot and one could claim to be seeing red in the background. Aside from drug banditry and ignoble guerrilla warfare there is no other war these days and thus Tyr, the Norse god of War, inspired folk demand one to throw on the gas mask or vinegar-ed bandanna and march with nihilist shardic shock grenades at hand. Cat Meadow's small mention of a home remedy for the Rioters Tear Gas Blues does not mean to impress the fact that she is a wicked little fire cracker with red photons fuming from her pupils locked and loaded and trigger happy on points of authority. No no no.

So originally "seeing red" was a search and destroy all resistance vibe infused into riotous, revolutionary rock music junkies running around like chickens with their heads cut off and being nick named "Anyway: the headless chicken," by the Garbonzic Blue Stripers of Arangon. Little Cat Meadow on the other hand was dissecting shards of the red giant star Betelgeuse in chemistry lab and needed a lit little razor phonetic alteration of the original word designation "seeing red" to CN-Red.

Not to be confused with Agent Orange of Vietnam; that is chemical that has already destructivicated jungle foliage or water under the bridge. Cat Meadow just needed a chemical nickname for chemistry these days and her moment of riot savvy enchanted the gas mask essence muses.  An iridescent feline of Calicutless that haunts Cat Meadow's meadow, the last specimen in the world, which the Universal Animal Rights Organization refused to allow scientists to clone "for its own good," glowed pure red.

And so CN-Red, chemical green apple kisses to you under purple acid rain.

"I must find anarchist newspaper gas masked leopard door handle of Cat Meadow...and so off to Koffee? it is..."

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