Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rules of the Walled In Pond Chich

Children and young boys in particular are encouraged to misbehave or be perpetrators of banditisms of all types and brends during ritualique cermoniaenum at the Walled In Pond Chich, from Menace and Havoc class banditisms invovling Dennis prank grenades replete with miniature rainbow spinners to twiddle dim and toodle grim silly goofaw ha ha ya-ma-ha oh-ma-ha o-bam-a-ha revelries.  Children unskilled in desecration, pranking, ear tugging pulling flicking fun, micro havocs, mini mayhems, and banditisms in general will be promptly banish-ed from Chich Grounds.  Be Huckleberry Peace-Love-Happiness (Hippy) Fir Ornament Genuine, graffiti-glyphiti the ceiling arc firmament and pillars, etch your name in the concrete shroud platform floor, and leave your mark like Wimpy Dark Matter, a child growing amongst the ranks of the Silent Dark Echelon Deathnaught(not)s.  The Circle of Huckleberry Kids accepted into the Chich are awarded Cannot-nots and Lame-ers: banditic word conceptic weaponrir toys to prime them for direct industrial Skunk Works neronal-electronical ether linkage to chich argot sacred whisper halls. Little Dreadnaught(not)s soon they shall be.

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