Saturday, January 15, 2011

Scorpion Warfare...

Scorpions getting reinforcements and having to watch the lion or minature statue from Roses Tea, that also represents the regal and statues that adorn the Capital.    Buffalo stampede feast poem here as well maybe, my last ditch effort at patriotism, bombing ones country is ok if it is patriotic (I just can't figure out a way to make bombing my own country patriotic but really want to do it but am waiting for the divine machine grid reason for and go ahead to do so.) But the idea of the lion could not be eliminated simply by throwing it away it is much more complex than that. So at the base of my computer stands the effigy and statue doopleganger of the poor real lion that has nothing to do with this.  So I put a scorpion next to the lion to monitor it, and what terrible purpose (from Dune), they reminded me of and providence-ed did they the conitnuence, the anytime feel for the revolutionary feel so to speak today even as the machine ate me today and made me a forgotten shadow to myself which was the lion looking glaringly at the scorpion.  And the scorpions reminder from past days, the crushed orange can poem dedicated to them, the terrible purpose living within me, demanded enchanted me to make two more today to complete a trine, reinforcements after the lions harsh gaze earlier today before work. 

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