Sunday, January 16, 2011

Silent Dark Echelon

Describe what these force-ic entities are.  Describe nether coil trickle quiet and introduce their ultra violet dag raze blaze-ic liquid blue cool fresh from the skunk works (I think there is a skunk works in existence [may need a very different name for the silent dark echelon factory] factory within the hallowed whisper halls. I bought a cn-red orange vest today and my entire color scheme chich roof included was destabilized. I mean i am barely evil if that and the entire gambit black aspect of myself, the poser every once in a while obvious sniping that really is a bluedrift emissary laying low refusing to flash its full colors and just be an obvious hated rogue minus the sniping and this being the "dirty underside world aspect" more so than the black sordid plating in blue initiatives and directives. So buying the cn-red orange vest is perhaps me ben a dick fuck and the silent dark echelons leading me astray a question that has come up recently. There nevertheless is a scorpic cousin in the jacket, perhaps spilling terrible purpose, and in addition i tried on a blue vest and boom, "what, r u crip?" No my blue means decorum the plating color for the neonic fuchsia feminie and the blue tinged with black is the hands that touch anything foreign or dirty. And the red in the vest, "r u a blood?" No cn-red is not a lone directive it is coupled with blue. So the thoughts running through my mind upon purchaer were harmonious in this sense. I shall see what the scorpic wants to reveal. I also spent the afternoon with bb am involved in drug deals and posted my patriotism post which is lamely barely evil. But as hemmingway said all evil or bad started as something innocent. I mean i am not a wanna be gangster i am just attempting to put the jager mech to use but find it an impossible challenge at the moment.

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