Thursday, January 6, 2011

Android: Incredible - Word Tech-nic

I used to play Mech Warrior 2; a computer game. There existed a giant clan mech with the call name Awesome. The expansive wide front side and large number of PPC's (particle projection cannons), slow marauding gait, evident massive plating and shields,  as well as an overpowering awesome power generator core that maintains the mech integrity and solidity.  Its prime directive is to trample resistence majestically-beautifully by treading-assaulting with bomber jet mach-ic mechanized music from jagged gauss anti-dark-matter-atmoizer atlas shardic platform weapony cannons.

Super string theories and thong dreams - the ultra indigo frequency of the  joint system is supported and reinforced by the intergalactic blue giant star cluster, the 
Pleiades, by mechanical black hole gravity tunneling stabilization and shielding.  Movement of the Awesome, by design, creates a jet mach frequency ripping space-time to the extent that gamma rays are high-jacked by a photonic absorption system.  These gamma rays are gathered-collected, re-engineered, and equipt with Star Wars X-wings.  The Awesome then emits these novel gamma X-wing equipped rays as a quantum mechanical shroud that enshrouds the Awesome for cloaking, defensive, and offensive purposes. I have an Android Incredible phone.

iPhone's are for nerdy yuppies. Their commercials and devices are aimed at nerdic yuppies; the modern "techy bread and butter" urban livique. Their yuppie taste generally infiltrates-seeps tech-spawns into the rest of the consumeric mass in erratic and unpredictable ways: from a simple dim head that blindly lusts over any old shard of tech without adequately thinking and surveying the field and thus a de facto yuppie spawn to a suburban pot smoking chain restaurant waiter, recently engaged, driving a trendy Japanese transport fancying himself classy when saying "There you ar" while delivering a plate of food like a Fed Ex boy.

Or a film director-ographer on the mainslate seeking a small film festival bid that watches sports center like a child sucking his thumb to sleep and guzzles booze as if when a babe he was suckling on more than ample chest apparatus directly following child birth.  He allows his iPhone to play in pig piles and other phone orgiastic dances at human social gatherings as if he were taking the phone for a walk or play hours akin to a neighbor dog.

My Android is super hyper-rapidic advanced, reminiscent of the Awesome name from Mech Warrior 2 with the droid protocol operational mark: Incredible. Android commercials are razor mach-ic future-tech replete with solid mellifluous machine droid voices verbic. I am all about the droid vocals.  The vocals for the iPhones on the other hand bring to mind a jaded yuppie nerd with glasses desperately wanting to be the monopolist but instead is fighting a goner lame nerd ball representing monopoly.  I mean why even bring the nerdy into the picture and make a consistent brand show of it?  Droid doesn't.

The word "droid" is originally from Star Wars.  And I am a Star Wars dreamic jedi force-ic child that meditates to the sound of light saber battles. In this sense the fusion of Android: Incredible and I was seamless, pure, genuine affinity, auto-fate-ic-matic and streamlined. I use the droid as a cutting edge advanced clock-watch that would have impressed every previous human from history if I went back in time and I pulled it out of my pocket because someone asked me for the hour today.

I have a no wrist watch policy. Think of the droid in a dreamy imaginative high tech sci-fi manner with time warp style and it is like pulling an R2D2 out of your pocket.  My phone is a sun dial (double talk): ancient  hour keeper as well as a sci-fic dream of owning a sun star or buying one at the local Stardust Brothers Inc. and controlling its heat and color settings with a dial. I am a Droid phone poser too by the way.

My droidic Android Incredible sun dial phone is re-teching and re-generating generation-X in my little corner of the corner in cybernetic land and has an exotic, elegant, hieroglyphic kaleidoscopic panel screen that pushes and pushes to be purer and clearer than actual or at least that is how minds these days are high-jacked by the television.

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