Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Dragonflye

The Consorts of the Night do not trust the sun and wonder about music groups like Star Fucker and Keats who made a star pant.  The dragonflye wants to swallow the sun, an Icarus child, and one day while in his bed in the sacred gem chamber of the draknite mine, lays day in his bed after glowing like firefly but emits iridescent light the color of butterfly wings, the dragonflye has that kind of tech, and goes to bed as the sun is rising and wants to make a mockery of the stars for some reason that morning (please clarify this) and as he is laying back and closing his eyes, points a wild crazy leg at the sky and in a revelry and laugh at capitalism and public servants and an obscene grotesque hierarchy that he loathes tells the sun to get to fucking work.

The Dragonflye

To youth, a dragonflye - bold - came amidst
Of such fortune - youth unaware - tryst
Intrepid and daring - Icarus infused
Of swallowing the sun, the dragonflye mused

'Oh no! Dragonflye, oh, don't you dare!
The sun will burn your every hair'
The youth pleaded and warn-ed
But ended ignor-ed

And flew the dragonflye skyward bound
To that glowing orb - resplendently round
And hear not again of that dragonflye - youth did
But chance encounter ended candid

Creature essence not of present time - rhythm divine
With machinery neither of past or future drew near
Approached the youth with masked face - Deity Ine
Demanding whither went his little dragonflye dear

Masked, Deity Ine, grimaced and glared
To Youth - on words a choke -
Issued more than unfriendly poke
And to lie the youth doth not dared

'What relation have I with little yon Icarus'
Pleaded youth, 'that flew past stratus'
But listen not did Deity Ine - ominous, grave
Who --- the youth for allowing dragonflye to be so brave

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