Thursday, February 10, 2011

...Freijeao's }S}p[r[ing Maiden... Pre-MA-Vagass...

Manna-thol herb crest guarded precariously
By Freyja's two cats and boar Hildisvíni
Embracing pompous crown

Scintillation, ember, smoke abound
Chemicals enter blood
Incipient pose contra wall facing west
Freyja's spring maiden beckons to my side
By manna-thol herb leaf tiara-ed

A junk laugh slips from my lips
Dreadn(not)aught Amerikan 'I'm sorry' uttering slips ensues

Silence presides as I turn away
To black, dried, dead flower from vernal season past
Death be my maiden, mistress, confident, and brother
Be gone primeval primavera vision
What business have thee here?

Two days later, vernal abruptness resounds resolutely
The trith-truth is quiet behind my aplomb-less, harsh, coy greeting to ageless maiden
To deaths temple were then sacrificed Red blooming flowers of a winter cactus so long bare
Winged skull on my T-shirt now too feasts on ireenic Redp rosapeettalL FFAllin-o- t...o its mouth and s}tuck---..---
In this spring time farel.l.l.

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