Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celeste $&$ Burchee Cuervos

Celesta and Burch

ON xeric wh}r{iTe tropical sinZds..l..
Celesta eveR clish. ..e
ButT diestint milandrazse...
S]A[t[T[ PaF{V]-_Tron_-,' ob-livarious, to pas{T}s thus.... w~hiles...

Two-2- seamless-ly joined
Sunlight lit anointed
Innocent, blessed moments
Purity Grace dpecoreium Accordp

Celesta:. abpdowmenT s-kin barring veurtical drid jaiet b-B-p....lack mark]H[ings - - l - - ...
Razoxreic blidei-Q-ic mackh-. . -_
Toss tur]N[ed on sand[Z] S.)0(.S.
Resles... ..F.. ...

PA-Tron: eye,s s,haldowed biyi hatic - 
Mind F-14 Tom-ToM-catE... AFterburn-ER... glow-ic -. ..
A-b-s-orbing with.-.out notice
B-lack dried glxeric
Un_a-wA)r(e T}ha{T
Citi_-_DelL hade Fall]F[n

Patron, then blind to fated,
Unacknowledged tryst, 
Later realizing
Life's perfect moments
In memory etched
Now, moment by moment,
In Celestial ether, life-T.H.I.S.-sketched

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