Friday, February 4, 2011

Real Reality TV Dreams

Neo-ic-Nazi White Supremacists and Black Gangs and Hispanic Carteleros

Quarantine these three parties in a similar location such as a prison in order to ease the monitoring of zone infractions and have cameras and allow tv camera crews in to watch, document, and create a reality tv series of the three groups waging war or whatever they do.  Instead of cells create or allow for small villages.  Provide provisions but  make those involved responsible for their own welfare and upkeep.  A new form of entertainment, allow drugs in for a currency and weapons but no guns in order to make gladiator-esque old fashioned warfare.  This will help aid the problems with prison overcrowding due to casualties and deadly injuries.  What else is to be done with such energies but to make the best reality tv yet.  Each state can have a team or what have you and the dominant teams will ultimately be paired with other dominant teams and so on and so forth unless people are up for a slaughter or something... Dangerous criminals should not go to prison as a retirement and run their empires behind bars.  If they are who they are, they will have to fight and be skillful at survival in their containment.

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