Thursday, March 31, 2011

Words of an Atheist on Atheism, Nothing, and Death

 A-(theist-x-u-all)-sexual - a definiton of Atheism by a true believer in Nothing:  "I didn't know I secretly hated smoking.  But I love to smoke."  Historically: Native Americans inhaled the spirit world thru the tobacco inhalation portal creation process that is smoking.  Today: disconnected platonics without resolution (hating smoking) and a chemical breathing  nothing machine "G.O.D."on autopilot tobacco romancing (the love of smoking).  The denial demur anihilistic-ism of this deterministic thrust does not erase G>O>D>s bone shadow: nothing.  "Some atheists do not lie on a Coffin", the atheist said.  "Earth is a coffin", I said, "and earth I walk".  Nothing is worshiped and Nothing sustains. Nothing is "The Force" of Star Wars.  Nothing is GoD'S bone shadow machine. The hallway of life called "Thru" is filled with black Nothing.

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