Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dianetics: An Aphorism-Definition

My hyper-machic sci-fi-non-fiction-hybridization aphorism in the style of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Friedrich Nietzsche (who praised Emerson highly and was in disbelief that an American had such wisdom, illumination and was so liquid "clear" profound) on Dianetics after my inaugural visit to the Scientology Church in New Haven, Connecticut. (Warning:  Neophytes expect frustration)

 ~< Definition ]]]o[[[ Dianetics >~

Die-(net)-tics:  The capitalism-slavery-middle class-anchor-shackle-drag(net) corrective permitting inductees access to spiritual tunneling on the borders of the capitalistic-socialistic doped slime grey sludge toxic waste sand dune (Dune as in the sci-fi book by Frank Herbert) that be planet earth, in order to revive and craft build make anew the threads of the forgotten and antiquated powers of psychoanalysis for vital energy sources forces that sustain decorum and the established order of globalization.  Dianetics is a cutting edge reality-sci-fi hybridization thrust into the psyche of neophytes in order to raise psychological awareness-consciousness and its relation to matter, physics, chemistry, biology, science: 3-D if you will; and to bring a harmonization process-ether machine between the subjective and objective realms coalescing in a body (or an enlightened or "clear" or lit or liquid being).  There is a disconnect protocol, or suicide instinct, in the subjective and objective world duality, which, by the way, appears to be holding on by a thread.  Nietzsche, when he wrote "God is dead", signals the coming trials as to whether the subjective world with suffer a catastrophic break from the objective in which the human form in 3-D shall no longer live remain exist in its present configuration.  Spiritual essence-soul death and quantum mechanical ether glyphs made by human- or terran-kind in this corner of space-time: wounds pains and scars, is another story.  Yet our flesh bone blood fate does not appear to be sealed just yet and the focus on poignant moments of pain that are subjectivized in the sub- or un-conscious called "engrams" by Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, are the moments trials tribulations imposed upon us by forces we can speculate upon like good sci-fic meta-physicians with the advent of the UFO-alien-abduction phenomenon and movies like The Matrix.  Survival, however, is our initial primary focus - as Dianetics teaches - and overcoming these psychological barriers or in Dianetics lingo: "engrams"; or what Ralph Waldo Emerson meant when he said "a foolish consistency is the hobgobblin of small minds" (which can be overcome, be-befriended, and put to work); to perpetuate the survival of the human body and form,  is the focus of the Church of Scientology by teaching Dianetics to inductees.  To groom the worker bee-slave-trenches-graves-corpses- tv zombies-hollow men and women for potential candidates to reach a mental state that is called "clear" by Hubbard (I use the terms nirvanic, blue lighting, liquid), who can overcome the psychological gauntlet imposed by a myriad of powerful mental mind conscious forces energies or give added 3-D traction to a Celestial spiritual Hollywood binger or devotee (and later; the Will to Power-Excaliber Protocol) is the drive and thrust of the movement as well as to avoid the leveling tendencies of a separation of Capitalism-Capital and Spirituality.

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