Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Feminist and The Neonica Shardica White Hole Super Model

This picture may appear to be smut but a serious question lurks looms here as all guys these days agree - especially those from the 60's and 70's: What is the deal with the shaving of the na-nu-na-nu?  Typically this will be your dance team cheer leading preppy blaze razor machic clubbing chic who will shave the nether realms.  Ironically, stereotypically - and I am only dealing with stereotypes here because they are important and do denote significant trends, perhaps not in actual life, but, in the psyche of the masses - feminists are the hairy unshaven-ed "butch" type.  Perhaps this is a pubic hair war metaphorizing or symbolizing the the social and psychological crisis and struggle I will speak briefly of.

There are women who can assume manly characteristics and become socially androgynous "I think" (that mentioned in quotes is me being androgynous).  These androgynous ones are called "fem-men-ists" because they are androgynous socially.  There are varying degrees of androgyninity but the the fem-men-ists movement seems to have hit, arrived at, stumbled upon, a critical juncture.  Two types of women have emerged: fem-men-ists -as mentioned above - who are able to take on androgynous social characteristics, and fem-nail-barb-succubusis or fe-men-ists ("fe" = faith in spanish), or The Neonica Shardica White Hole Machic Diesel Jet Super Model, who refuse to take on androgynous characteristics.  What needs to be acknowledged today and made socially acceptable is the existence of these two types or classes or echelons of women and more astute social observance as to which characteristics are being exhibited by which women.  This however is a difficult tender issue of androgynous authority in which men of my generation (Generation X-Wing) approach at a full frontal vanguard excaliber protocol aspect speed assault and at the last minute force women-kind to shatter like a neonica-porcelain-doll while being raped by her at the same time.
This type of woman androgynaity from the picture is antiquated and outdated in my mind because the many females who do not want to become androgynous will read the statement "I'm a feminist" and the words running through their minds will be tainted with question.  Women must read this sign "I'm a feminist" as a statement in order to be properly androgynous. I believe this is as far as the average normal man of today is willing to go as far as being androgynous is concerned.  Harvey Mansfield the Har Har Bard Vard (Harvard) Professor who wrote a good book Manliness leans more towards an old fashioned Cormac McCarthy Western novel Hollywood laced manliness.  My intentions are to injectificate the androgynous man with testosterone in order to avoid placate and mollify social stresses.
There exists a social disconnect a war between men and women these days that is not being waged in the correct manner perhaps.  I will relate two incidences in Riven Haven Dale or Old "-New-" Haven Connecti-cut that occurred as I was probing the streets.  A razor blaze mach-ic solid girl fresh from the machine crystal castle factory full of neonica fushcia light stood afront the Playright Canteen.  She had a cartoon of a giant opalescent flesh colored penis yelling in the wickedess voice utterable that she wanted a big dick like the one in the picture.  For mature men this is like a massage to the psyche, body and soul...wrongly these days...and can be quite nasty and detrimental to a more youthful observer - but detrimental in a good way as it is generally accepted as whip lash or feminie glow burn that damages, destroys, hardens, and teaches.  So this girl was on a berserk out of line rampage binge marauding her assum-ed superlative sexuality all over the street and all over the side of the Play-write Canteen building.  

The other incident was an uncanny discovery as if the universe were showing me a glimpse into itself by staging this little scene on the streets.  There stood a short black nig bum lord with cape and crown followed by an entourage retinue group of burban white prep jocks American Eagle wearing spikey gel heads.  The Black NIG* Bum Lord was talking candidly to another razor blaze mach-ic solid girl fresh from the machine crystal castle factory full of neonica fushcia light.  The Black Bum Lord stood in the street talking to the fem-nail about his big black cock dick and she was being a female attempting to use her intuitive feelings powers to determine what was occurring, what was at stake, treading carefully delicately, as well as handling the nuclear fuel rod heat radiation. 

*Nig is a "cool" jet machic fighter rocket fuel glitch bomb-ic word for African-Americans, Gangsters, Zulu souled dark skinned ones, icer conversions etc., akin to the blue light ice cool of the Russian Fighter Jet: the MIG.  There are too many white people these days possessed and high-jacked by "black culture" that uses the term nigger to show love and affection to their white friends.  "Nig" was my answer to this wrong.

What do these two incidences mean?  My impression is that men are tired of absolute ice shoulders, snow flake sundaes, and women not being androgynous enough for the times like saying "hell-o" to the opposite sex in passing on the street or at least not whip lashing their faces in the opposite direction.  Men at times  tire of fem-nail obliviousness while walking the streets.  Do women really want to live in Iran and become anonymous hidden cloak-ed in black?  In a sense they already very much are, but, there is also something in them that causes them to stand on a ped-a-stool in order to effusively discharge something within them that cannot be contained by the black veil.  Perhaps it is a push to become more androgynous and melt the ice glaciers on their shoulders, concrete stiletto dag echoes, and oblivion of the streets.  

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