Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In honor of George Carlin

 Shut the "fuck" up in a cell

The Terranville Gallows, an underground American online newspaper, disclosed a story emitted by the offshore broadcasting of Obey Clothing.  Apparently cartoon makers from Disney to South Park met at the KGB lounge in Manhattan in a blue smoke filled room tainted with incense and dim lime light planning a cartoon parade.  Apparently the push was to take swearing and cursing more seriously as in the word fuck needed a holiday as in all cartoons were planning to parade through the streets chanting "Fuck" for the day not only as a message but an experiment.  A grand fanstasia spectacle with the mechanical satelite dish out of Cartman's anus bringing the offshore broadcasting closer to home.  The purpose of the parade in not to promote the usage of the F-word it is a promotion of moving on.  Acknowledging the benignity on innocent ears, for who here is not innocent, and forgetting about it.  The phrase "ok" is also included.

I was at a Yale graduation ceremony and a sect of students were marching and chanting "War war war" aimlessly like my pet headless chicken Anyway.  It is a shame they do not wage war on the hackneyed and decency and creativity of the American English language in the world around them.  I mean why not be a word graffitiest and tag and tag and tag and tag and tag over fuck and ok once and for all.  Fuck-ed.  Ed as in education.  The word fuck is fuct as far as I am concerned.  I mean why does not a bright ambitious linguist come about and found an entire Yale College on the production of local color language for a community and regiment this in the schooling systems starting at an early age.  Why do hackneyed terms dominate the streets the parlors, the bars, the movies, and most importantly our minds.  If fuck was such a bad word why be so tepid about enforcement.  What is needed is something Draconic in reagards to the usage of words.  Freedom of speech breeds laziness and complacency and a gray ooze that threatens to enshroud the earth and the minds of man.  It certainly doesn't help either that fuck has no air time over onshore lines and where is the freedom of words in that?

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