Thursday, March 31, 2011

OBEY Clothing: Picture of the Day

Here is a power struggle cartoon.  The reader must be aware who is saying "OBEY".  A convalescing human psyche would say that it commanded artificial cotton pants Stewie and that the kid needs to grow up and be potty trained.  All good literature and life is always becoming.  Stewie and his minions sit in a stagnant cesspool of stale anarchic-nihilism-atheism and all need their fowl diapers changed.  "Grow up, hatch your devious plans and dominate, or, fall in line Stewie, admit you are a failure"!  A stock American; unhealthy, deranged, mind controlled, oblivious TV zombie slave will laugh or find something funny about the cartoon. At least take a pen and give Stewie camouflage undies or perhaps panties and laugh at the creative alteration.  One must look at this cartoon with severity and evaluate with the help of my instruction manual whether one is a mind controlled zombie caught by the all seeing eye laughing.  If this is the case one must instantly think to oneself:  "Why did I laugh?  What was so funny?"; because often times we are consumed by the artificial laughter of the lewd ludicrous machine in all of our minds and in reality there is nothing fun or funny or amusing about a situation-picture.
Here is another cartoon.  It is True.  Stewie OBEYS the government too.  So propagate the good!!!: activic atheistic anarcho-nihilists. Good Luck reading the power struggle in the UNCLE SAM picture.  I do mean that with the best intentions.
Industrial Electronica naizzy razor rave rivence gaea which goddess crone whore gas masked contra toxic acid rain fossil rocket fuel bone fragment snorter OBEY!!!

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