Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Ponderous Brontosaurus

The toxic celestial ether, spiritual energy, Star Wars Force, StarCraft Psi - in sum: The Dark or Dark - shines in the form of "Black Lightning" which happens to be the name of the first black or African American comic book character.  By "black" what was meant is a darker or "brown" skinned person.  In The Fat Apple Citadel, all men and women of brown color should be known generically as "The Browns".  Black is an absence of color scientifically and no lightning bolt is perfect dark nor is any black can muse...and the black lightning emitted by The Dark Star Black Hole at the core of the sun manifested by the black sun spots, unbeknownst to the The Virgin Lesbian Sun which provokes and subsequently powers up by causing an "F-U" and middle finger reaction from the man in the blue blood red quicksilver mercury dust dune dessert noble gas helium enchanted moon because the lesbian sun thinks it cute and funny to provoke in such a manner.  People on earth do live on the dark side of the moon quantum mechanically entangled with that spiritual aspect of THIS sunshine corner of 3-D. 

And some idiot reading this is liable to say, "well, when the moon is eclipsing the sun will shine where it don't shine."  And everyone smart will say, well duh, we are not absolute warming...uh...We are not absolute light or darkness but have different configurations and percentages of each that are entangled in a nasty mess and emit randomly due to the randomized soul.  And some are good photon shadow walkers...But once these things are realized everyone hopes that your Brahma programmatic machine protocol is loaded with the ether software that provides vivid lucidity to every child, adolsecent, young adult, adult, etc etc etc, and self directed curative psychoanalysis ultimately leading to happiness and progressing to a Nirvanic state where you will have fun thinking of funny mirthful Brontosaurus dinosaurs like a child in this world powered by a quantum mechanical dust fossil fuel molecule hybrid bone skeleton T-REX running in a hamster wheel.  I kiss the machine god core earth to you with lamentably inodorous pine needle wind fore who these days can catch a solid whiff of pine needles?

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