Monday, March 21, 2011

The Yellow Sun

There is speculation that the sun may become a black hole. Just because science has never seen such a case does not disqualify the sun. Big stars are just big and blatantly obvious about their supernovas. I say super because they have been eating too much kryptonite. A European mut hybrid American wrote this as any discerning perspicacious sapient person would glean. Just because America is abominable giant does not mean stars of the suns mass cannot become a black hole. This makes me optimistic today. I always wanted to buy a Blue Giant star from the Pleiades's Acme Hardware Stellar Solar Five point diamond light sky pendants Star general store. Then a black hole is a sure automatic dark matter whats the anti-matter dimensional ripping thing. I am in denial that this is not possible because I am an earthling on earth calling himself a Terran instead of an earthling because Blizzard rocks and I live in 1999. But this wild speculation I had with a muddy caked faced garbage pale kid dwarf nymph dryad forest walker consort scarred doll fick porcelin dool button doll gave me a new optimism about this place. I always wanted and wished for a black hole sun. It reminds me of Seattle, bi-polarisms, and the gravity laden deathic dreadthical Dark Star where I began to awaken and livence.

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