Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Tube Copywrite Cleanup Economics

 Every copyrighted movie, song, etc. played on You Tube, in order to give tribute to artists, should costs internet users anywhere from .01$USD-.05$USD that is billed through their internet providers.

Celest the Aryan, Syn (Norse Mythological Symbol for Defendants), Trials for Chinese Symbol Tattoo and Other Crimes

 The sun, which is nowadays a virgin lesbian star gas ball, is esoterically worshiped by all the Girls Gone Wild.  Their device to sap virile testosterone energy from men is through internet pornography.  Many of these Aryan girls have Chinese symbolics on their bodies - a key insight into what they a lack.  Restlessness... crimes... Mellow Prosaic Shell Shock Syndrome...  Pictures cause quantum mechanical neuron entanglement ether signatures scarring the flesh beneath the surface.  The general attitude of the common man is hating women, wanting the porn industry destroyed, porn-misogyny, a feminine holocaust on a grand scale and the incineration of muddied scorched flesh bodies in Hitler's crematoriums, and a desire for living on the Isle of Men where birth is derived from cloning and stem cell tech.
 A ha-tread and a desire for the destruction of the eternal feminine and dreadfully regretting it afterwards, necessarily, but, one must wage a battle against psyche allied with oblivion.  Something is wrong here. Baudelaire in his poem: The Voyage to Cythera; was right about the the fresh body at the three-forked gallows standing out in black against the sky.  The body was castrated by "a flock of jealous beasts...a very large animal in the middle behaved / like a leader surrounded by his[/her] aids".  What is this very large animal?  The hideous abortive abomination that be the virgin lesbian star or aspect of the sun that has a software wired program monitoring every female orgasm is the heart of the matter.  The female castration syndrome emanates from this core and the infestation must be eradicated (Anti-Oedipus). Where be this large animal that is the leader or is it really an animal at all?  This is the dreadful Minotaur in Daedelus labyrinth which is dead.  What remains is to find the corpse.  And Icarus, Daedelus' young son, although he fell from the sky into Poseidon-Neptune's waters chasing after the sun, word was received that he made it to the sun as it set into into the waters at the edge of the horizon and hid there.  Because he was never seen again, all thought Icarus had died.  The Bridge Path Trail to the sun is now open.
Women-matriarchy-globalization. That world order hinders, destroys, sublimates manliness in potent abortivic ways.  Listen: remember the Brisings of Norse Mythology that Freyja wears about her neck as lace.  There is nothing left to fight here but shy feigning furtive pornographic feigning dirty mudd females who have a European complex that they are all little princesses and courtiers who are more cut throat, then men, in regards to homeland Midguard GladGrimShine power.  I do not mean a fist fight but a cold war of the spirit.  They, femines, wage war in a precise inverted method compared to men - which is with tanks and machine guns and missiles and fighter jets - esteemed nobler more honorable type of war throughout the ages.  When the war drums are quieted, when Tyr is abrasively abruptly absenticnir, women still rage wage cold ice shoulder wars in a more cut throat manner then men.
Men break themselves off and know when to stop.  Women were not this kind of a problem in past civilizations as women's suffrage and the feminist movements or even the women question was not even uttered yet and a straight forward full frontal assault towards a matriarchal public domain simply did not exist as man wielded the sword and gun.  The Situation today, with war on the decline and no end in sight of the cold ice shoulder wars in the cross hairs, and no new good good wars on the horizon that involve metal weaponry and no new wars waged or even imagined on the home front with women raging 1001% will to power developing their ice cold power binging shoulders, destroying love, sex, death, everything (women being the toxic dangerous core of nihilism) at all costs - is not manliness in the world as it has been known doomed?
I fear we, men, and thus women too, are already doomed as the number of youth, adolescents, young adults, and dudez who play video war games swells and rises in this matriarchal government construct which wants war video games banned and eliminated.  The Final Fantasy of Manliness or Auto-cannon-castration.  One now can understand why the Maned Softy Tender Lion limestone statues adorn Capital Hill:  lionesses do the grunt work- hunting.  And who has ever heard of a Aryan female concierge?  Androgynous masculinty is the answer to this stale mate, I believe, and the type, caste, echelon, of women able to handle manage assume androgynous characteristics must make themselves distinct and apart from those who do not exemplify this configuration or...

Tribute to Dr. Octagon (Kool Keith): Earth People


 First Patient, high-jack your mind, remove the fascism
Break broken spines, ether metal scythe raking answers
Mach-ic terran-ic android voodoo power
Tropic of cancer silent dark x-wing blitz Amp-x
Dark ice ether currency gauge coolant cooling fusion star cores
Wra-hex-a-gone ether, ill-ithium-naughti toxic-chants
Against the grain sticky friction tar baby debacle
React with Excalibur Protocol Dreadn(not)aught Dire Wolf Core Full Frontal Assault
Armed with a 6 barreled Gatling ether shock glitch cannon
Believe THIS, existing becoming directivic on the Earth Planet
My skin is blue and black, war-mind mean
Astronaut fetus aborted, dead like a bone
As rocket trajectory calibrates, solid chaotic, main-slating
Nothing machines awaken, same data, same grid systems

Earth Peoples, Citadel and Oregon
Earth Peoples, I was born on Pluto

Now my mind gauntlets on, U cannot tell me I(eye) am not
With the Silent Dark Echelon U.S.A. Rogue Squadron
Emissary of dread with aliens rotting mind
Down down down 3-D quantum mechanical veil concrete
Obsolete abortivic antiquates, compunding compacting soul grinding dead ether sounds
As I(eye) calibrate elegantly enter-dependently
Ether economic write-ic got scrumptious snacks
In capsule Alpha Beta my Grid is Legendary
For a reaction and response to Who/They
Identification Code: U-dentified
All seeing eye(I) stellar-erratic, pressed an ether glyph, masked my face
They/Who recognized me(what), I turned invisible
Made myself liquidic treadactic lucid, reappeared to you visual
Warp teleport camouflage, baked like a junker shelled corpse
Face the fact, I(eye) grids the planet earth everyday
Nuclear primed, prepare, 4 T.H.I.S.
Grave 353 Severe visual
Earth Peoples, Fat Apple and Portland
Earth People, I was born on Mars

Stellar copacetic Ranger, tin cans and string contact wire, send artificials
I(eye) program 3 and leave earth through the seamless thin low dim portals
My numbers 7-0-9-353-686-E-X-L-53
Processor electronic chip core: 3-3-5
Photon shadow level, standing on Terminus Longanus
Inside out through hex-rex-a-gons fighting pentagons
Changing green skin, my peach bronze color's comin back again
I'm opalescent iridescent this time, come in Bifrost
Look at the blue lights and y'all see my nirvanic rapier nueronic con-fig glowic
Five colors: green, black, red,

Earth Peoples, Citi-Dell and Oregon
Earth Peoples, I emigrated to Uranus


Dr Octagon Earth People Lyrics

Verse 1

First patient, pull out the skull, remove the cancer
Breakin' his back, chisel necks for the answer
Supersonic bionic robot voodoo power
Equator ex my chance to flex skills on Ampex
With power meters and heaters gauge anti-freeze
Octagon oxygen, aluminum intoxicants
More ways to blow blood cells in your face
React with four bombs and six fire missiles
Armed with seven rounds of space doo-doo pistols
You may not believe, livin' on the Earth planet
My skin is green and silver, warhead lookin' mean
Astronauts get played, tough like the ukelele
As I move in rockets, overriding, levels
Nothing's aware, same data, same system


Earth People, New York and California
Earth People, I was born on Jupiter x4

Verse 2

Now my helmet's on, you can't tell me I'm not in space
With the National Guard United States Enterprise
Diplomat of swing with aliens at my feet
Comin' down the rampart through beam on the street
Obsolete computes, compounds and dead sounds
As I locate intricately independent
Economic rhymer got savoury store food
In Capsule D my program is ability
For a reaction and response to a no-one
Identification Code: Unidentified
I got cosmophonic, pressed a button, changed my face
You recognised, so what? I turned invisible
Made myself clear, reappeared to you visual
Disappear again, zapped like a android
Face the fact, I fly on planets every day
My nucleus friend, prepare, I return again
My 7XL is not yet invented

Repeat chorus

Verse 3

Space Ranger, contact tubes, send synthetics
I program one and go to Earth through the fax machine
My number's Seven-Oh-Nine Seven-Five-Five Six-E-L-Three
Computer File: Nine-Three
Digital level, standing on the terminal
Upside down through polygons fightin' pentagons
Changin' blue skin, my brown colour's comin' back
I'm psychedelic this time, come in rainbow
Look at the green lights and y'all see my brain glow
Five colours: yellow, black and red and green...purple

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Industrialized Pollutted Red Neck: Buzz Job Joe

And what do you think of Politics Buzz Job Joe?
 "Thar iz un ting tat eye knew bout pol-lite-tics:  "Bush, Cigars, and, O-ma-ha, Ya-ma-ha, O-bam-ma-ha!"
If you were a beauty queen Buzz Job what sort of philanthropic work would you do?
"Eye wood rise moon-e two buy ah year lung supp-lie of PROZAC 4 eve-re Am-er-can too avoid depressions."
Who is your favorite celebrity Buzz Job Joe?
"Lady Ga Ga cuzz I'll show her what a dead celebrity is. Tha only good celebrity is a dead celebrity. Arrgh!!!"

Headline of the Day

Government Grants Land For Erection of Anarchist City: Doubts remain as to how many coup d'etats will occurr.