Thursday, April 7, 2011

1984 Revisited

 What was done to Winston Smith in the novel 1984 by George Orwell, a socialistic-pro-market-capitalist, was decorum necessitic directivic.  The slaves-proles should not have "gotten him down" nor the public serve-ants - or politcal ants serving dust mights or nothings or the proles - which were still in the infancy of their crude, barbarous, abrasive soul scarrings - which are forgiven, and, if not, we are doomed - experiments and could not see through the dark war wary depressed flak shroud cloud of WWII enough to foresee a positive outcome. 

The thing readers need to realize is that the telescreens in the novel are not a futuristic thing in the novel.  They are symbolic of mental struggles that most people go through on a day to day, second to second, nano-second to nano-second basis.  Every waking hour most people are concerned with their duties, work, responsibilities etc. and that is the telescreen of the state watching over you every heart beat of your life. OBEY Decorum!

There is such a thing as the force in Star Wars and Psi is Starcraft or Dark Nether Celestial Ether - as I fondly li(c)ke call it - and people do sense each other through the vast distance of the earth or are quantum mechanically entangled and thoughts and prayers and everything, every neuron fired registers some place in this universe and beyond.  Sometimes there is just so much noise, so much chaos, so much stress, but one is buried like this out of love, to harden, strengthen, build endurance, survive, reach the Dianetics "clear" state, grow, or, for failure and death but lead to the door in the status-qua most pleasant mellow prosaic way possible, a quiet party and gathering with friends reminiscing and projecting to the future.

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