Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Abortivic "Born Again(?)" Jew and The Swastika

 A secular humble Jewish Man living within the Terranville providence of the Gladgrimshine Realm within Mid-guard lived a happy happy happy life of languid mellow prosaic complacency doing paper work business in some suite in some nameless abstract building for some ugly dollar bills with floating sunshine pee yellow numbers floating above the prominent famous buildings presiding over Mid-guard.  He thought of this proverb to himself one night: All that is ugly is decadent.  Surely it must be true as he had come to the end of the line with the material comfort that could be provided by money and luke-warm tepid molecules and he had seen so so clearly through life with such lucidity that he was certain the world was doomed because of the uglification of the U.S. currency, the dollar, and the sunshine pee yellow numbers floating ominously over the beautifully engraved buildings.

And this dawn of a gigantic yellow sun of spirit within him emanated from the sunshine pee yellow digits and blinded.  And this "spiritual dawn", sparked from the ugliness of the dollar, crested like a tidal wave within him for a period of two weeks.  The secular humble Jewish Man became an ultra-orthodox Jew certain he had stumbled onto the pure essence of Yahweh, purer or ultra-modern compared to true orthodoxy, and was so accosted, assaulted, barraged by Yahweh and his overwhelming wisdom and richness of lineage bending and winding through the ages and erupting at the present moment during which he saw so precisely into the core driving this Asleep Behind the Wheel Juggarnaut that is the world, he ran out of his house in tears screaming at his wife and children and drove to the nearest antique shop in town where he had seen a medal belonging to a German Officer from World War II bearing a Nazi Swastika.

He purchased the medal throwing the ugly dollar bills with sunshine pee yellow numbers floating over the "charming architectural treasures of the land" and ran out of the store with his saving grace.  He sat in his car for several hours crying and kissing the Swastika atop the medal for an hour and was relieved the paroxysm finally came to an end.  From that night forward, anytime Yahweh invaded, abducted, cooed, loved, warmed, encouraged - anything - the crazy Jew ran into his closet immediately to grasp the Swastika adorned medal and proceeded to worship: worshiped the earth, the trees, the soil, the sky and the sun without regret by kissing the rusty, bronze, cold swastika totem.

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