Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bin Laden and Ilk Torch Saudi Oil Pumping Station Facility

 Anti-capitalism market Green Eco Terrorist propaganda was released on the internet and videos on international tv news stations that the press "somehow" obtained, kind of a conspiracy as is, outlining the true intentions of Bin Laden and Ilk:  apparently they are fighting the runaway potentially human-kind extinctive expansion of socialist and all markets driven by the capitalistic spirit.  The "baby machine factories" that women are want too much, here in The United States, which needs must begin thinking along the lines of China as far as population control is concerned.  Malthus may not have foreseen the powers of the machine and science to offer providence in the form of survival necessities but there are limitations the most severe critical crisis-cal being global warming.
The offensive act of the self-heralded Green Eco Terrorists, headed by BIN LADEN, hit the Oil Extraction Facility within their home country, Saudi Arabia, into order to create a global shock wave in the functioning of the machine infrastructure of the world that was intended to serve as a warning to raise awareness about global warming and how the runaway out of control capitalistic-market modus operandi - of which the USA is "The Figurehead" - not "The Fountain Head" -  is holding the reins of the Globalized Capitalism-Driven-Social-Markets and otherwise,  which could potentially drive bury coffin-ate every man women and girl and boy into the ground and their bones to be dissolved in acid rain due to the global warming caused by their crude dirty dinosaur carbon fossil driven mechanized civilization.
The rebel Green Eco Terrorists headed by Bin Laden and Ilk desired greater clarity in their symbolic destruction than was realized before during and after the destruction of The Twin World Trade Centers.  9/11 or 9-1-1 planet earth calling the intergalactic fire department: "Our planet earth is on fire!!! SOS!!! HELP!!! MAYDAY!!!" Unfortunately The Citadel or Citi-Dell or New York or Fat Gordo Apple, the gateway and terminus of the capitalism driven market system machine, or the US's two business front teeth were knocked out.  What was stressed in the news release video and internet Eco Green Terrorist propaganda was the emphasis on awareness of the destructive runaway blind fury tidal wave that the globalized machine driven capitalism market system is and how it and global warming are a threat to out existence our we know it in blood bone flesh form.
Conspiracies? None!!!  Brahma and Karma must be kept in mind. The Twin Trade Center Tower Incident Crisis Sign, or 9/11, was capitalism's self-destruct-abort-safety mechanism sequence initiation and the planet choking to death on the Globalized State Apparatus' toxic green house gas producing Machine "Society" driven by the capitalism of The Total Control Socialist/Capitalist Total Free Market System.  The Populace At Large, The Masses, or every-body corpse zombie unenlightened  hollow empty nihilo-anarchist mud sack slave, gets caught up by confusing the self-destruct-abort or suicide-death instinct of the human-planet eco-machine entanglement system with the noise of conspiracy casting blame on The US Federal Government, "Big 'Fascist' Brother", The Fascist stalemated War Machine Industrial Military-Complex or the rapidly declining Pax Americana - a psuedo abortive afterglow of the Roman-Byzantine Empire/Pax Romana established by Julius Cleopatra Caesar Trajan Draco and The Legions of Decorum - which, in lucid science fiction-non-fiction reality, is the current power structure unable to handle, get a grip on, interpret and/or resolve what is at stake because they too have this death instinct but are excessively self-destructively rigid and do not embrace THIS death instinct and thus the essence sound of this disconnect is what causes conspiracy theorists to "psychologically" run wild when people sense this suicide-abort sequence-extinction-death of the human form, flesh bone and blood, in the Powers that be and assume it to be a conspiracy- when it is not - when it is a question of Brahma and Karma and The Proving-Judgement Grounds that Father Earth is.

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