Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spy vs. Spy: The KGB and a Mexican Spy

One day a Mexican youth with a heart lust-full of/for the gold of the land approached the static abortive bone dance corn field flats glaring at the abrasive flash shock diamond "blinging" grass-corn cotton soft blades barbs razors there on the great Naked Doom Dume Dune from Point Isolation Fortress edged on the  Colorado Rockies Shelf overlooking to the East the vast Great Plains.  The Mexican youth released a Chinese lantern over the Great Plains or Super Duper Grande Dore-ito Planes Plains A-10's.
Incipient the full frontal assaultic slaughter of the innocents by the noise of the populace herd emanating from the cities backfired the Mexican tail pipe sucker who was also touched kissed raped by the wagon wheel oil fragranced winds of the Oregon Trail and the last land-real estate-#$# settled or civilized on this planet we call Earth or Coffin or Father for inseminating Mars and resting quietly his soul in Hades Ice Ash Fields in the Grey-Alien-Junker Canteen Jurisdiction there.  And as the sparking radioactive frequency fall out of his  Mexican blood fiery hit home caused by exposure to the brutal populace herd noise, it torched his psyche and illuminated the "release brewing beneath" - as The SilverSun Pickups pulse-sing-crystalize-synthesize-electronically in their revolutionary song ballad "The Royal We".  It then occurred to the Mexican that he was cured from the touch of a King Midas and landed on the magic carpet of his soul ride and spiritually teleported coalesced in Jerusalem at the Wailing (Whaling Moby Dick) Wall replete with harpoons, spoons and pontoons where our comic-tragic joke cartoon funny of the day begins...
The KGB erected a structure adjacent to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem under the new land jurisdiction and sovereignty of the Globalized Capitalistic Market International United Nations Congress headquartered in Israel to study tears scientifically which noone had a problem with owing to the new building zoning laws to permit and promote religious freedom to an extent never before reached.  The KGB started planning the study of crying at the wall and frequently sent agents from its facilities adjacent to the Wailing Wall to observe there. One anonymous day a scuffle erupted between a KGB agent studying crying and a Mexican spy in which the World Court of Decorum and Decorum Forces had to intervene.
The Mexican spy purportedly kicked the Russian spy in the ankle and began to do some ankle biting following the kick - a move by El Distrito Federal to purportedly "get involved in the game".  The Russian KGB agent pulled out a bottle of Raspberry Vodka - noticed the raspberry vodka was flavored by raspberries grown in Mexico - and proceeded to get drunk gone-ified as the Mexican Spy gnawed on his ankle as the entire bottle was drunk.  The Mexican Spy, ironically enough, then had a overwhelming explosive need to urinate and ran off into a corner, dropped his pants and let loose.   The Russian KGB agent now released from his captor crawled over to the wailing wall and was found weeping there.  The Mexican was found in a daze stupor in a corner with his pants around his ankles.
Both were brought to trial before the Supreme Arbiters of the World Court of Decorum in an attempt to resolve the issues at stake here.  Apparently, the Mexican Spy from his humble innocent beginnings had been sucked into the sly shifty furtive game of espionage and apparently had the "proper mentality" for "the game".  Obviously the seasoned veteran of the long standing KGB operation was tragically overcome by "the end of the game", as far as he knew it, by being kicked and ankle bitten by the Mexican and drowned his sorrows in vodka flavored by Mexican raspberries and whimpered at the wailing wall.  The question raised by the debut of the Mexican spy were grave: the Supreme Arbiters decided that in a society of clarity and full transparency that there was no longer any use for the spy or KGB agent.  And this is how the comic-tragic unfolded.

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