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How to High-Jack the Sun

           This is a message sent by peoples-Terrans of Earth from the future: FY (future year) 2201 CE/AD.  This is a robotic message created and sent by technology that does not yet exist.  The existence of this message is a result of the technology of the current earth age year bleeding into space time, carving technology into stars, dark matter and the fabric of the universe.   By no means does this message guarantee the continued existence of the human race up to and beyond the year 2201.  This message was dispatched from The Globalized Socio-Capitalistic Market International United Nations Congress headquartered in Israel which was erected after the Gaza Relocation Directive during which the Islamic peoples residing in The Gaza Strip were removed and resettled in an agreed upon location by Islamic nations.  The Globalized Socialism-Capitalistic Market International United Nations Congress headquarters itself in the heart of the Holy Land.  The KGB outpost erected for the study of tears built adjacent to the Wailing Wall is an example of the new hodgepodge conglomerate method of The Globalization Congress allowing all nations and all peoples to maintain a spiritual as well as political presence in the holy land in the form of buildings, shrines and dwellings.  The only zoning restriction is that any holy relic be left unscathed and preserved.  An Islamic Shrine for example might be built three feet from an enchanted rock in which Jesus had sat under a shade tree to catch his breath.  
 On the fringes of the globalized socialistic-capitalistic market state machine neuronal bandwidth configuration for the herd tribe masses - trapped in the “Matrix or Evil Extraterrestrial Paradigm” - exist enchanted crevices nooks corners where sweet wasp honey mead nectar manna can be draught.    Contemporary science, medicine, and even religion use every weapon at their disposal to maintain the auspiciousness of the rotting state and label those who drink mead ether energy resources schizophrenic, insane, bi-polar, derelict.  The current Hollywood thrust is an attempt to focus the energy of the masses against a threatening, fear inspiring, evil alien invasion, an idea dating back to H.G. wells and his War of the Worlds.  This is of course a diversion, a digression, an aggressive fantasy used as a device to hypnotize viewers and causing them to fill their minds with irrelevant bilge so that the Orwellian 1984 model of the operational protocol of the monetized-globalized world maintains balance. 
The intent of The Globalized Socio-Capitalistic Market International United Nations Congress Foundation situated in Israel is to alleviate religious and cultural tension on earth and to not focus energies on the fantasy of movies to palliate the obvious wounds of people who watch humans shoot aliens out of the sky and forget and lose themselves in doing so.   A decisive movie covering this odious scenario topic is: The Matrix.  The Matrix is obviously flawed.  Flaw 1:  Our sole fate is in the hands of alien machines and evil oppressors.  Flaw 2:  On the intergalactic game board or radar there exist only two races – the human race and the evil robots who invented the matrix.  Flaw 3: The matrix is so utterly sci-fi-fantasy, disgustingly sophistic, and detached from the real world that it has little or no relevance.  Neo has never knocked on the door in my mind to release me from the Matrix.  In sum, the movie is a gun shell thriller just crazy enough to hypnotize, palliate and to inspire wonder of the universe but in a grotesque detached way.  Hollywood very well could be correct, however, in distrusting extraterrestrial presence and the Excalibur Protocol or the Will to Power is subliminated in the movies people watch depicting the destruction aliens.   However, the human, or hopefully Terran, race biological-chemcial-physical from spirit soul grinding closure protocol or suicide instinct the mortality of a race implanted by creation or a creator, same difference, has was also not touched upon in a cogent reasonable believable manner. 
  Aliens, extraterrestrials, and UFO’s are a salient aspect of earth culture.   ET and Close Encounters of the Third Kind are two examples of a benevolent race of aliens which is not taken into consideration in The Matrix.  This perspective leaves one to wonder war or peace in the face of an extraterrestrial presence and which ones.  The mission of this message sent to earth robotically from the future is a WARNING!  Speculation about the Extraterrestrial Visitors, Greys, Reptoids, aliens, hybrids, UFO’s must arrive at a critical juncture and full government disclosure.  Anyone who does research about UFOs, abductions and extraterrestrial presence will find ubiquitous evidence.  One need only say Project Bluebook.  Governments do not chase after the base of rainbows looking for pots of gold.  Whether these phenomenons are real or not is still open to speculation to the general public.  The mythological aspect of these creatures however is very real and engraved in the fabric of earth and the collective consciousness.  Up to this point UFOs and aliens have haunted us consciously and unconsciously and very well may be attempts of ourselves from the future attempting to contact ourselves.  Thus the battle is not with the Greys-Aliens-hybrids-UFOs-flying disks-reptoids and our friendship and good will is not derived from their care or love but rather is a battle within ourselves to love and war.  And what kind of war?  Psychological.  It is very possible that our technology and our dreams fantasies have produced and etched the Gray-alien-hybrid civilization in the firmament somewhere and they are simply creations from the experimental god machine filling our solar system and beyond.   And thus it is our challenge to overcome ourselves in this way by high-jacking and ascending further than the Grey-alien- hybrid races can in the universe.  It is also very likely that the Grays are an actual race of extraterrestrial beings and are the intergalactic guardians of the earth challenging us to figure out mysteries sick and twisted at their worst nirvanic and ecstasyastic at their best.

Hypotheses from the year 2201 begin with the dark matter question.  What is the dark matter?  Razor edge theory made some time before this message and still in development concludes that our solar system , centralized around the sun and extending beyond Pluto to to the Kuiper Belt, or the Jormungand Rift (later renamed), is filled with grey alien machinery for experimental purposes.  Telescopes detected this machinery in and around the year 2000 as undectable matter floating around in the intergalactic universe at large.  With the advent of ether machine neuron AE-Urstaat technology, similar to The Force in Star Wars, and Ufology Scientific Ether Bending Theorizicalic Terrans, or Humans so named in contemporary earth time, this kind of speculation began to self formulate and enlightenment incipiented upon those that followed this path vein thread of thinking.
 This Dark Matter theory being the foundation of our enlightenment in the year 2201, the Hollywood cancer, id est, Terrans slaughtering aliens being an inappropriate form of artificial mind and war hormonal stimulation-masturbation for entertainments sake -the propagation of nihilio-anarchic civilization recreation of an unworkable from underpinning the total runaway global capitalism market: the danger which provoked this message of warning - in improper unpropietous and lacking decorum in true intergalactic warfare, engagement, and civilization ascendency to the intergalactic game master playing field.  The Game Master or the Harmonizer of the Universe desires a “real” fair good fight war.  Thus the earth finds itself at a critical juncture.  Firstly global warming is in effect and a dire threat to our continued existence and the runaway out of control capitalistic globalized machine is growing at an incredible rate meaning more massive quantities of toxic pollution.  This message was sent from FY (future year) 2201 and knowledge of Grey efforts to sustain us through this potential extinction disaster of global warming is evident from our knowledge garnered by thinking ourselves into and in a sense high-jacking their experimental machinery placed in our solar system by them for us.   As the game master and the game goes, If we can high-jack all of the machinery within our solar system or Dark Matter, the universe, our universe, will not collapse.
The dissenters who do not believe in global warming realized at a future moment that The Greys were in fact our intergalactic nursery attendants keeping us and our planet alive chemically, biologically and physically, with their technology.   Their protocol aim (hope?) is to inflict soul reaving-nirvanic trials of existence in order to determination whether we as a Terran race are able to launch-mach-explode onto upon into intergalactic life-love-war and live amongst stars other than our own sun or sol or soul.  Thus this psychological pressure cooker fried mind neuronic  era karma policed for the preservation of life on such a cancerous un-streamlined scale, due to the lack of blood spilled caused by the total runaway capitalistic market and the threat of mechanized globalization causing destructive global warming or spiritual death and ultimately the human soul grinded out of existence, is a pivotal moment in Terran Proving Grounds as to whether earth peoples are decisively capable as an existential form biological-chemical-physical ether soul entity to join in the intergalactic strife-struggle or to remain an impotent race of humans who hit ultimate failure and were denied entry into intergalactic existence-nominal presence  and destined to haunt a broken earth and earth only and brood miserably in their Final Abortivic Hollywood Fantasy.
Earth’s wish for ascendancy-trascendence in The Intergalactic Game now rests on the shoulders-minds-hearts-spirits-souls of a few epic heroes.  These heroes reside on the fringes of The Globalized Capitalistic Market System, or Matrix, in which they are able to free their minds from the burdens of money, traditional work and monetary-materialism of planet earth and ether dream themselves into the stars by confronting, absorbing, converting (high-jacking) grey machinery apparatus, The Matrix, and inflicting treading afflicting a Terran Grid into it.  The USA story begins with Jafe Verengren the Epic Hero from born near the death of the Pax Americana.   The particular global coordinates are unimportant as America is through and through uniform or McDonaldized or capitalist market maker of the Flat Earth (Columbus would be astounded as were and, in the years 2000, are globular structural physicists who do not know about ether bending and flattening by Grey machinery and Dark Matter).  Jafe Verengren has achieved many intergalactic feats already in his days and seasons including: hacking himself out of The Matrix and inserting his desiring machines or ether machine creating what he called Brahma Programmatic Ether Grid Core Software Theory in which every human being is quantum mechanically entangled due to the photons emitted by black bodies and absorbed by the retinas due to The Small World Theory or The Six Degrees of Separation Fact.  The neurons are stimulated affected afflicted as light enters the eye and creates quantum mechanically entanglement between two structural physics forms bodies machines registering within and on neuronal masses.  The Matrix movie, seen from a different light, is the state-capitalistic-market machine with a drag net (body collector ether mind machines creating body battery power towers) for trolling the waters of the middle to lower classes for talent and worker bee bodies, to abduct slaves or workers into their robotic worker bindings by inspiration of the innocents-naïve fabricating ambition with money and sealing the fate-ic  destiny deal with excessive time inundation allocated to work and the accompanying endless stress and spirit-mind erasure by insisting that the world is at a constant state of crisis and thus must need be perpetually saved ad infinutum ad nauseum.  Mr. Anderson is simply the face of the irrational terrible purpose of the state machine and what has to be done of dire necessity to maintain the capitalism market globalized engine.  However, this was not expressed in the movie lucidly to the common viewer and was not made clear by straying much much too far into the sci-fic-fantasy nightmare realm. 
Brahma Programmatic is – as in the book Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia – The Urstaat; a new paradigm or a sneak peak just beyond the horizon - a harbinger of a post-petty fascist-capitalistic market civilization.  In order to defeat The Matrix Paradigm Jafe created what he called The Grid: gay ether machine science in which the energy mead reserves on the fringes of capitalism accessible to all, as there is potentially end-less amounts of Dark Matter, and drunk by the worthy.  Matrix viruses are then gridded or percolate and injected themselves into the Matrix-Capitalism-nihilistic-anarchist fiesta-globalized-state-machine and are converted by desiring machines into more Grid ether infrastructure.  In order to drink Mead, some degree-type of insanity must be achieved which is necessary to thwart off the mental seductions of the petty fascists “status quo” as there are many uncharted realms beyond the scope of The Capitalism-market Matrix Paradigm, that the State Machine considers dangerous and off limits, which includes being exposed to intergalactic frequencies-bandwidths of communication and hence one of the reasons why recovered crashed UFO crafts are locked away in such a secretive manner.
Jafe as a youth walked the empty black concrete, walls and tree topped metal shardic machine platform at night keeping himself company by star gazing wondering what all of the silence was about.  Why cannot I talk with the sun and moon his frustration silently spoke.  Two years passed with regular walks under the firmament and nothing but silence.  Following this silence and as close to utter isolation from his fellow peoples-Terrans as possible, Jafe began to develop Schizophrenic-Uni-Polarism-Ether-Blazing-Mania and the sun began to smile and joke and laugh.  And at night when the sun had set and there was no one left to talk to Jafe sat in his dark room with books and soft crow feather pillows and laughed himself silly as the sun had smuggled him a ludicrous laughter machine which provoked gaiety and laughter until he cried and laughed his heads off.  After several weeks of a gray rainy winter Jafe awoke one morning sprung out of bed graceful as a swan muse residing in Cleopatra’s Harem and declared that he had high-jacked the sun.
Several years later Jafe Verengren read the Sci-Fic book, Dune, by Frank Herbert, and realized that Earth itself must be the planet Dune that was potentially Dumed.  The Dune book was a device or mirror to see the earth from a different light-angle.  And also too he realized that the massive energies released in the Schizophrenic-Uni-Polarism-Ether-Blazing-Mania state are akin to swallowing the spice or one who is like a Jedi and experiences the force stronger than others and hence realizing what his desiring machines are and becomes robotic or manic.  Jafe was convinced that he was not mentally sick despite hardship and hospitalization or modern paladin witch trials and he continued to drink the spice for several years.   The chemical makeup of his mind enabled him to use the manna nugg or marijuana which induced the spice or force or ether to flow through him.  

As the wreckage of the planet Dune or Earth crumbled around him and the quasars trembled he found a fount of stability within himself as his mind ate hurricanes and earthquakes with ease.   As Jafe continued along the ways of the spice-force-ether hyper-machic androgens entered his blood.   And the nether nueron pulses of The Matrix Civilization resisting change caused by the leaks on the horizon of the capitalism-market driven world constantly created a detractive frequency within him.  In self defense the energies emitted by The Matrix State machine, due to its lack of vitality and rich fresh ether air, are mimicked and reflected or mirrored back upon the person who is an original source at the same time extracting vital energies, digging the powers that be into a deeper hole which can only erect money barriers and these reflections only lead Jafe’s essence in the all seeing eye of the powers that be towards trouble and lawlessness because he was seen as a threat and dangerous.  At times these state reflection energies can be quite intense and one who swallows devours spice-force-ether as Jafe does can be overwhelmed at times by the reflection energies - as a true pure signal of any significant duration,i.e., a solid year, from the outskirts frontera horizon is not immune to interruption distortion . 
Technology began to have a spirit consciousness mind of its own in his mind.  Artificial intelligence was already visible in the spirit of common machines and electronic devices and projections from his present year 2011 harkened to to A.I. machines in 30 years.  Ufo’s were seen and Greys-aliens-hybrids encountered as Jafe walked through the Walled In Pond woods at night.  As far as Jafe could make a determination, the spirit of the world seemed to slowly be awakening from the Matrix-capitalism market drawn civilization into something more science-fiction where the slavery of the common man would eventually be replaced by robots and man would ascend like Asimov envisioned in his Foundation Trilogy to be the ruler of his own universe that is if global warming and the dangerous cancer of the capital-market system did not first irradicate the human biological presence on earth force either through global warming or some other method:  The Final Solution. 
  One night, after an intense struggle to maintain composure and stability from dealing with such  large quantities of an erratic spice-force-ether flows and after he avoided almost excessively strong impulses to run his car into a gas pumping station at full speed due the combination of nihilistic-pessimistic petty fascist neuron Matrix probes attacking his mind coupled with disappointment of unrealizable sci-fi dreams, Jafe parked his car in his drive way and at that instant was disconnected from the guiding forces of the spice-force-ether and abrasively plunged into an abysmal nihilistic bout loss and was forsaken for the time being.  Every spiritual vision of earth and its people reaching the stars was unattainable and Jafe became distraught.  The Intergalactic Game Master robot 353 Sever deity in his spirit that spoke in a robotic voice in his minds ear forsook him by silencing itself and all hopes, dreams, and wishes dissipated faded evanesce in an all consuming harsh screeching instantanaiety.  Nietzsche’s terrible god haunting specter of a divine presence that came to earth and only did wrong and lived in divine guilt in the aftermath haunted Jafe towards extremes.  Jafe then dismounted egressed from his car in the drive way, grabbed the skull topped cane and hit his driver side window shattering the glass, entered, locked himself inside, and pulled out a lighter.  Forlorn, despondent, crestfallen, distraught, dissolved in impossible intergalactic dreams, Jafe lit the lighter by flicking the trigger and a solid green flame appeared progressing to blue and orange.  Jafe put the flame to his forehead in desperation his suicide impulse prompted by The Excalibur Protocol and attempted to set his head on fire due to the overwhelming pangs of abandonment and emptiness and utter stark disappointment he felt.  He held the flame to his forehead for several minutes and during this time felt as if he had warped to the empty metal core of the sun and his mind drank a fiery blitz burst flare of sun core lava there.  Jafe then moved the lighter away from his forehead after several minutes exited his vehicle and walked around town in a desultory daze for hours.   Two days later remembrance-Psyche greeted with a warm sunshiny smile and he realized that not one hair had been singed and only a very slight scar on his forehead remained from the incident that yielded no pain.  He hypothesized that perhaps he had indeed been to the empty metal core of the sun and high-jacked the star, so to speak, and now walks the earth surer of his task and fate and destiny.  End Transmission.

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