Saturday, April 9, 2011

KillGore Trout, Money, UFOs-aliens and The Joke of the Day

Sub-Prominent gum space boot Ufologist KillGore Trout, an Emissary of the SludgeBrightLand UFO League (and massacre fetishest of rainbow trout), declared in the official SludgeBrightLand UFO monthly report in the feature thrust article, that UFO's have invaded the US Currency.

"Although recovered crafts remain hidden by government authorities", Trout stated, "their presence in our psyche continues to rise percolate incipient as is evidenced by the yellow numerals on new US currency dollar bills which", Trout insists, "are UFO's and alien presence dawning on consciousness.  The forms are numerals as far as science an the naked eye can see", but, KillGore Trout insists, "that in another dimension it is possible that the yellow sunshine pee heinous ugly abominable numerals are in the traditional shape of a disk or triangle that are associated with greys-aliens who are responsible for abducting mankind".

KillGore Trout in conclusion thought, "the powers of the dollar bill, like a voo doo doll, are abducting the spirits of the grey-alien machines-ships because they liked us humans-terrans better, and the numerals were really the grey-aliens machine's desire to be capitalized here on earth which of course would lead to a great intergalactic struggle between the human race and the grey-alien race and not necessarily and all out war struggle that Hollywood displays".

KillGore Trout believed "the grey-aliens had the minds of the every human in a computer program called Brahma Programatic, which monitored and processed every single neuronal action on every single living creature and otherwise on earth at all times.  This is not a question of energy power like in the movie The Matrix but the ability of humans to grid and tread through the alien matrix: Brahma programmatic machine, which challenges with severe life and death star scorch glares".

KillGore Trout then went on to propose that every morning in the USA alongside The Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner being sung by school children that all children be given a bill with floating sunshine pee yellow numerals on it and told to try to imagine to abduct or high-jack or woo alien machinery for earth to use and defend itself with against extraterrestrial threats.  Good Luck KillGore. And Good Luck to the Rainbow Trout too.

KillGore Trout is also the discoverer of WASP Honey and sells this delicacy from a sci-fic shack alongside Route 353 in MidGuard's GladGrimshine Realm just on the fringes of the city Terranville.

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