Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NASA Leak Concerning the Presence of Extra-Terrestrials-Aliens on Earth and in the Solar System

 NASA released a press release today concerning speculation on the existence of extra-terrestrial-alien-grey-hybrid-reptoid life forms on other planets and moons-satellites within this, our, solar system and not of the amoeboid worm type creatures that feed on ultra violet-x-hybrid-rays that are primordial-celestial-ether-smudge-radioactive-string theory torqued and photonically entangled with out resolution star dust mudd.  Moon walking men - we all do "the moon walk" in the industrial agent-orange toxin laden mercury quicksilver moonlight at absolute zero - embrace Luna knowingly or not, consciously or not, or quantum mechanically entangled with the spirit essence soul of the moon or not. 

However Taikonauts, Cosmonauts, and Astronauts have actually literally moon walked stomped treaded the real genuine silvery silvestre moon dust, and according to NASA's latest press release, encountered grey aliens and their  flying disk machines going about their normal day on their comfy moon-base.  According to NASA video tapes and sound recordings, a line was drawn in the moon dust by Terrestrial Earth Astronaut Buzz Aldrin who soul beamed dark mysterious severe love and spiritual smiles greetings with his hand resting upon the hilt of his Excalibur Protocol Sword Blade Dagnir.

The Excalibur Protocol begins with what Dianetics calls survival.  Following survival is an ascension chain of human consciousness ending with "The Will to Power" which is the engine behind The Excalibur Protocol or intergalactic civilization hierarchy coefficient of Earth Peoples galactic-universal destiny, directly and necessarily affected inextricably by the Grey-Alien-Hybrid-Civilization - our nearest intergalactic neighbors, closest equals, and civilization sparring partners - and our obvious evident entanglement with them.  The Excalibur Protocol:  Vici, Vidi, Veni (I conquered, I saw, I came) technology presence burst launch onto the intergalactic scene or terminal human failure and a devastating ship wreck of a planet destined to become a zoo for the greys entertainment which they will surely tire of if they discover we have no intergalactic potential. 

The way the Buzz Aldrin the Terrestrial Earth Astronaut rested his hand on his sword was quite preponderant and precarious as he thought about extending his other hand of good will and peace.  "But what is the use," the astronaut could hear the grey-alien talking in his mind telepathically as he thought the same thought spoken in his mind simultaneously and both saw a glimpse into the future of a race dominance conflict between the earth spawned human terrestrials and the other worldly created grey-aliens-hybrids, but, a fair conflict, a fair conflict monitored by an even more advanced ascendant chemical breathing machine god.

So in affect the dashing Buzz Aldrin, Terrestrial Earth Astronaut, bared the Excalibur Protocol at the ascendant monitoring chemical breathing machine god as well as every other life form in the totality of existence. And if we earthlings prove to be the most dominant then that is our task.  And of course we send beautiful blue desert rain tear Dune earth planet essence signals throughout the galaxy that swoon-highjack cerulean star cores causing the stars to pant and the planets to become beloved by the happy blue giant stars.  Apparently once the intergalactic stare down subsided between Buzz Aldrin and a busy Grey Alien galactic vacationer on the moon, Neil Armstrong fell over laughing hysterically almost dying of smiles and the ridiculous overwhelmingly grave daunting severe task before him and the human race and our galactic solar cradle the earth.  Buzz and Neil then sat down with the Grey Alien Tourist in no ceremonious fashion, drank some gamma ray nectar, and talked about the real estate system of THIS-OUR solar system.

According to the Grey alien, the Milky Way Galaxy is bloated, fat, over-abundantly teaming with life.  In fact the Milky Way is about 1000 times more over populated than India and China combined.  So much so that Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune - the gas giants - are derelict apartment buildings for the reject grey alien hybrids that failed their human abduction certification exams. The other planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, house quantum tunneling depots and time warp drives, anti-matter black hole factories, and other fancy technological sci-fi infrastructure. 

And the death end shardic ice ash rock-intergalactic road sign named after the keeper of the Greek underworld, Hades, or Pluto, is the Solar System's marker for the end of the the Sun's dominion-decorum-gravity range and a greeting from the inhabitants of our little Dune Earth Tom Tom buffalo ghost stampede planet-coffin that reflects the death aspect of the sun soul on Pluto, by calling it that, in hopes that our tech and science will one day learn to migrate elsewhere before the sun dies and becomes a black hole or before we are able to inject it with more gas loaned from the galactic Acme Star Fueling Store. 

What I am really saying is that it doesn't matter that Pluto-Hades is a planet or not.  It is simply a glad-grim-shine intergalactic road sign pylon essence painted by earthlings from earth as Greys and other aliens drink unique green triangle star dust at a canteen there when they are feeling dark and grim; glad because Dionysus committed suicide there and spilled mega-tons of Mead during the orgiastic-deal, and the resulting soul shine caused by imbibing there is obviously dedicated to the sun.

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