Friday, April 8, 2011

Orthodox Jews of Manhattan Contra the $1 Dollar Bill

 A small group of Jewish Orthodox men convened in Manhattan forming an aggressive resistance movement against the $1dollar bill and threatened to paint the town red.  It is commonly known on the street that the number 13 is an unlucky number, a hex, a bad omen upon anything that it touches.  If one handles a dollar bill, one will see the bill face with the pyramid and all seeing eye balanced and complimented by a Bald Eagle. Above the head of the bald eagle is a six pointed star or The Star of David.  The star however is formed by an arrangement of 13 five pointed stars - the five point being a traditionally American symbol - called a "hex"-a-gram.

The orthodox Jews took this literally and figuratively and to heart and soul and were convinced that any country who would print a hex on the Star of David on their "filthy dirty sexy" currency and boasted religious freedom for all must be evil.  Some of the ultra orthodox Jews even went so far as to dabble in propaganda involving Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, and labeling calling the USA machine state: The Devil or The Anti-Christ.  One thing remains certain the leader of the Orthodox Jews, Mow-hah-med X., said, "We shall not rest until this curse against the Jewish people is removed from the eyes of all.  We will redeem ourselves once and for all and this world will reside in peace.  This will bring humankind one step closer!"

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