Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Patriotism and Government Control of Television

It was realized that America was a nihilo-anarchist state, in mind not body, under a God that was only given lip service (whenever anyone dared to be holy and hawked choked uttered simply the word God) every, you know, once in a while, because that is how piously laid back we are.

Once this was realized, the Federali Go-burn-(ce)ment or "They" or the BIG U.S., which had decayed in the minds of the common citizen whose psyche had been taken over by the utter nihilism and anarchism of television like: The Simpsons,  Family Guy, South Park, Robot Chicken, Ren and Stimpy, Captain Planet, Dark Wing Duck, Duck Tales, Fantasia, Walt Disney; began a campaign that aimed at the type authority over the satellite television channels akin to China - not a negative repressive form of censorship - but a positive one promoting patriotism day in and day out requiring by law every show to lead to one and only one end: patriotism-happiness-public good - but in the corniest, most over the top, most flowery, smiley, sunshiny, spring time, peppy, chic, zoom zoom manner way form possible.

This would have several results:

1.  People would start to hate politics and get over the frustrated of how much power they do not have over the government and would mellow out and take their focus off the blazing political spectacle they have no business watching, that the satellites broadcast, and would focus more one local their local surroundings and would ultimately become a better citizen.

2. This brand-brend of New Wave Patriotism will have several effects:  The people who are already patriotic will become hyphy hyper-machic crazy patriotic and will be thrown off the deep end of their understanding of patriotism and will be challenged - and consequently caused to bloom - heavily by those that hate patriotism and would hate and hate and hate until they too go off the deep end of their trajectory and secretly, mind poisoned like in 1984, they come to laugh at the silly sunshine smile cartoons with a laughing red and white stripes and blue stars because it will arouse and exploit their nihlio-anarchistic tendencies by causing them to loathe so much that the happy message makes them laugh because they "get off" so much from loathing and ultimately will be bright and cheery good citizens.  There appear to already be strategies of this nature within business management protocol of all kinds but the strategy is not pervasive enough if people are allowed their nihilo-anarchists opium diets of cartoons and other comedic entertainment at night when they return home.  And why fear such a procedure?  The anarchists will show themselves by defending their anarchist shows on TV and starting a revolution.  And who wants to live in a country full of zombie nihilo-anarchist television heads?
3.  People who watch TV will begin to hate sitting and watching patriotic funny bunny bambi laugh giggle about the constitution and public works projects and helping out in the community will actually cease watching the television and realize they suffer from mellow prosaic shock syndrome or will wonder what to do with themselves which is self-evaluation leading to self-change.  And self-change is public change.  And in the end people will be inspired forced to leave their houses and at the very least the television and do something in the community because the corny message that every one hated so much got through to them but in an oblique way.

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