Friday, April 8, 2011

A poem dedicated to: The "Dark" City - New York - The Citi-Dell - The Fat Apple

Name-Game/game-master Citadel ranting/chanting/spell

New Haven: naught longer gnu
Haven: The Rivence Concrete Wall and Treetops Dale
Now Debuts
Purple fuchsia maroon flowered dragonflye bush
Nectar (necked-her) abounds     
Machine-ed water pipes alongside
Quantum mechanical dune bone sands creep   
Wizards of the Coast and Gaea Green Magic Card:
Desert twister
Timber-wolf Mech with Fright Plating and Gauss glitch rod
Assaultic, launches a celestial ether shell laser glyph cipher upon
Exterior walls of The City-New York-The Big Apple
Machine Iris-Winglick Dragonflye
Thicket Basilisk with Medusa glare      
Perches draconically upon celestial ether shell laser
Trajectory mach-ing manifesting

Gnu Yawk, Citadel, Dark City, Fat Apple, Citi-Dell
Cold Sunshine Fair
Sprite soda can against concrete sidewalk falls
Spilling fizzling evanescent bubbles of Tinkerbell dust
A para-site for parasitic toxic iris-winglick Dragonflye
Which flew past the stratus sun-ward bound
Only to land upon fairy effervescence soda
Floating atop the petroleum stained concrete metal shard platform
Sprite essence ether glyph flare
 Frozen and stone zombie machines now be
Tunneling rat and burrowing roach distraughtic
Caught in the silver blue giant dark star sun glare
Of glitch rod razor pulse
The Empire State Building-Edifice glaciates the sky
With absolute zero sky needle glaring into space
Giant Godzilla-esque Man-a-Hat-en
Made of Crisp Razor Mint $100 bills
Marauds Manhattan Island inflicting golden paper cuts
Celestial neonic blue quicksilver light floods
Machine concrete steel shard platform streets
Oh jagged shear metalic wonder
Washington Bridge to remembrances tend
And accept this naked toxic gas masked
Woodbridge approach and yore nomenclature ways mend
Empire Spire, trump tired retired giant fruit: fat apple
To pomp with you: corporate sponsorship of The City
Artificial neon dawnic sunshine beams present:

The Citi-Dell - brought to you by:
Citigroup Financial Planners and Dell Computers
And upon dead tired retired days of yore yuwk York lore stomp!
Oh lost Nexus of Everything hath thou forgotten thy revolution
Judges Rock overlooking New Rivence Haven
Red blood spilled - death - over coat red
Let the English-American language wars begin
Yore Yuwk accent NewYore-k, accent!
Oh machine shrouded granite shelf
Oh putrid polluted toxic waters
Oh metallic bower nast nest
The most expansive humane empire zenith shadow
Over this Citadel, thou rain reign rain
But name taste?
Absolute failure!
Oh sky spires dark-n-foreboding
T.H.I.S. be a Fallen Field chant prance dancing
Accept, appellation Citadel Citadel
Or from your greenback cooperate heart, Citi-Dell
May "The Dark City" be forever dark and smoggy starless
Attention Everyone!!!
The Fat Apple Just died of a massive heart attack

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