Monday, April 11, 2011

Commentary on the Police Incident at The Red and Black Cafe in Portland Oregon

I was born in Portland Oregon.  A good friend of mine related this incident to me when it happened. For those of my readers who have not heard about of the Police Officer expulsion exile ejection incident that occurred freshly last June 2010 in Portland Oregon let me briefly recount the story.  A Portland Police Officer, or Po-Po - the typical lazy hyper-machic work bot slave manner to shorten a word for ease of use like Philly for Philadelphia - entered an anarchist cafe entitled - the colors banner heart of the anarchist movement:  The Red and Black Cafe.
 Customer Cornelia Seigneur approached an officer with the name Jim Crooker (ironically enough) and wanted to "thank him for all of the hard work he had been doing for the community" a sentiment obviously provoked incipiented in the face of the recent public criticism and protests The Portland Police Bureau has faced , after some recent high-profile deadly shootings.  She seemed to be attempting to make amends or an armistice between the obvious tension amongst anarchists and law officers by approaching the officer in a flagrantly anarchist cafe.
While she was doing so, however, her superficial attempts failed as the roots and core of anarchism and the impetus behind the recent high-profile deadly shootings runs too deeply and the standard issuing of patriotic fervor and freedom failed at this critical juncture as the current manager of The Red and Black Cafe, John Langley, promptly asked Crooker to leave the shop because he said "I don't feel safe with you here" which he was rightly justified in doing.  Crooker quickly obliged and walked out the door.
I myself have been walking along Crown Street in Rivence Haven Dale or old New Haven, and approached two officers of the law and gave a normal greeting hello.  I was promptly seized handcuffed and frisked and had to provide my birthday and address verbally before I was released and permitted to go my own way.  This was a minor incident but a definite deep gash glitch in the system which provokes the very reasonable rational anarchist recoil which doesn't have authority issues but issues with abuse of authority and this pacifistic incident is a picture through which everything good in anarchist movement can be captured.
Miss Seigneur had the following reaction which she wrote in her blog (  "I was sad and I feel that a human being was being humiliated."  Her faith and patriotic fervor and understanding and goodness are only acceptable to an extent.  She was right in her overall all aim, the Alpha and Omega aspect, but, she was wrong to embody that sentiment in all its totality in a single man just because she knows him in "an incident that was necessary" and wrong not to realize the public stresses at work and wrong to think Crooker was insulted and to fully alienate the anarchists from the equation of respectability and distort the situation by making John Langley into the instigator or "bad guy" which is not the case in this situation.
 The typical Joe in camouflage clothing walking the streets will tell you he does not like the Police.  Admit it, we live in an nihilistic-beer drinking-Family Guy watching-bar hopping-anarchist country half the time when we are not working - likely a bad affliction. Police deal with this sentiment all the time in real actual time life or psychologically.  Again, Miss Seigneur is superficial and attempts to bury mollify expunge the public stresses by ignoring them, bringing misguided weakness into the equation (humiliation: a police officer can handle this kind of incident without being humiliated...I trust...), and red white and blue washing "the glitch" - which needs to be made more obvious exposed to public evaluation - with patriotic fervor and working  man idolatry.  Her reaction unbeknownst to her only deepens and widens the rift schism she is attempting to fix or placate - the word fix here being much too generous - between public rule and anarchists - which are not disappearing anytime soon.

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