Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reality TV's Latest: American's Serve Europe --Sponsored by: Cows Entering the Slaughter House 3(5)3 and: The Fat Apple -or- The Citi-Dell (Coorporate Sponsership) -or- The Citadel -or- New York -or- York of Yore and "Or"(b)egone--

 A 300lb pure bred European-mutt or American or Americanica-en secretary worked at Moo-D Burgers Headquarters (The next section is for highly advanced readers only.  Enter at your own risk.) [[[located in a Hamburger-esque-super-hyphic-machic-quantum-mechanical-cloud building fuzzling black and white static fizz sparks trying to decide if it is destructicating-ed or constructicatng-ed itself and doesn't acknowledge the suicide instinct as a healthy healing fact thrust drive to create a self-lit-inflicted black hole tearing a hole in the space time continuum creating deaths anti-matter: Dionysian (Die-oh-nice-ian) Mead Life Vitality Virility Severic]]].
 The small company secretly owned by Under Armor Sports World Mogul, Kevin Plank, boasts to have smuggled into the country or at least the federal legal label go ahead to sell hamburgers made from the meat of butchered Holy Cows from India.  The Indian's apparently took spiritual responsibility for the lost goners that be American Cattle and bartered their cattle, fore their souls had reached completion through the reincarnation process in that country for the tired souls that be the USA cattle and could use some fresh reincarnation air from India.
 Her name was Jessica - like the mother of the Paul Atreides in Frank Herbert's Dune Sci-Fi/Sci-Fic Dust Dune Dume-d Quantum Mechanical Shardic Glitch Earth Planet Globe Award Winner.  She was a heavy smoker and always liked to eat dirty holy cow meat from India to get fatter and fatter.  The more she ate the fatter she got and the more she smoked.  The more she smoked the more aroused she became and wanted to die from over indulgence thus becming a suicidal smoker.  But her lust for desecration of holy cow meat from India in her toxic fried greasy gut aroused her so much that she promised herself to flirt with death and smoke as she pleased, come what (wicked) may, and to enjoy her juicy sacridity abortion daily. Twice.
Anyhow, the Rampant Rampaging Reality TV Syndicate in the USA wanted to export Jessica - who was also an a-sexual nympho-maniac-a and used alcohol as an Aphrodisiac-a or a Freyja-lic(t)k to prep herself - to France where she would be escorted to a "sale" hamburger eatery that Mr. Plank just opened there.  The burgers there, made from the soul evaporation deadification Indian holy cows flesh meat, boasted a giant super Fat Apple Citi-Dell Citadel York of Yore 3lb. paddy after cooking.

The burgers were served with Freedom Frieds.  The goal was to produce a show akin to the Genthenig Bachelor broadcast wider and wider and wider in the USA but with a catch: to catch suave french beaus "in action in the wild in their element" and to see how many and what type of encounters the depraved bloated amerique wench sec-t-ary would produce with her new Dark Nether Celestial Ether Machine quantum mechanical "aristocratic-a class" artificial mirage shroud generator freshly engineered and produced in the Northwest by Wizards of the Coast new Sci-Fic Division.

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