Monday, April 4, 2011

Letter of the Day from Tehran Iran

 An anonymous reader of my blog from the capitol: Tehran, of Iran, sent me a comment about my blog post entitled: The Feminist and the Neonica Shardica White Hole Super Model.  I will not reveal what she wrote because it was a lovely dirty joke that Nortic-o-a Amerique American Crones Women Girls females fem-mails sprites Bambi's and infants fetuses and aborted fetuses living souls and spirits would not understand.  Basically what she commented on was that the power hungry sex-gender these days in the country falling within the realm of the Citidel-Citadel, New York, or The F-Phat-Fatt-gordo Apple, or "women," were stalling in coming out as women rulers and also realized and agreed that some women have the soul of Iranian women that live in the US or USA or The United Countries of North America and that in order to not hamper their pursuits to become a Matriarchal society they must socially realize and recognize this is the case that this is factic or a fact.  The configuration currently is like a pitcher that constantly balks but no men umpire wants, needs, or desires to make any sort judgement.  But the game must go on.  Become Androgynous or realize you are an unclothed Iranian women dressing with a plumbers crack covered with a G-string-thong with a tear drop heart lusting after ashen bone sand bodies sucking the infinitely small disappearing dead remnants of what love was.  That is the kind if cold blooded vampiresses you are you neonica-drackikcas. We also both agreed that Globalized Capitalism Machine International Congress or the New World Order United Government should be Head Quartered where all countries of the world would be invited to have infrastructure.

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