Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Statement of the Day: THUH Virgin Lesbian Sun Goddess Sola and The Fem-nails or "Womens" Monopoly on the Butterfly as a Symbol

Insight towards what is wrong with my corner of the the world:  If you ask a stock neonica-fuchsia machine robot, worker bee slave, work-a-tute, Americanica Bitty Betty [Advertisement: Hollister CO. - girls in the California surfer culture circles are called Bettys] [Bitty = avoidance of the hackneyed spelling of the word beauty and marred abortive symbolic beauty for its own sake which is my style....depending on my camouflaged moods...] "girl" in a Virgin Lesbian Star - that is bucking - coffee shop labeled Sola, she will tell you that there is no such thing as a butterfly with a penis named penic nor does there exists any butterfly at all with penial machines-equipment. This message was brought to the fore for uncultured lame wage whore-tie waggers, auto-robotic-matic empty brain washed headed zombie television opiate doped fried mind whack jobs that enjoy piss clear water beer swallowing-sport spectacle gawking, and European "lame layman men" mutts who all have an abortively inferior anti-super-miniscule-dust-might Napoleon inspired petty fascist complex .

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