Friday, April 1, 2011

Tribute to OBEY: Draconian Canvassing Commentary on Propoganda

These Sunsets are to die for (what?)!..This sun-setted, died...These sunsets are to die for!!!  How do we die for a sunset?  What would happen if someone died for a sunset?  Would they be a kamikaze silent dark echelon dreadnaught dieing so that the sun will make up it's mind about such matters?
Traffic Signals are absolute machine authority imposed by the God Machine State Core Gridded-Matrix.  Mechanized Decorum Directive or OBEY.  Words symbols glyphs verbal or otherwise and the rules of propriety have reached a crisis.  The hackneyed channels running through our civilizate-ion (civilization but more active and less decadent) have run deep nether narrow channels dissolving all bone marrow and propagating the grey sludge quantum mechanical dust bowl waste land which coincides with the expansion of capitalism which has no choice but to expand or fail.  Language is dead.  The only way to revive it, life and vitality is to battle the hackneyed by missspelling words and giving language and writing new life vitality, virility,  creativity, bitty (beauty), and an overall sense of well being for overcoming the hackneyed.  OBEY!!! and become word brendatic glyphiti graffiti mayhem constructivatic.

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