Saturday, April 9, 2011

US Government, FDA, ABortion, Chicken Eggs and the Death of Man

An ultra-conservative policy massive thrust by the FDA went across the desk of an anonymous abortion policy think tank groupie last week, who released this information publicly: funding for synthetic chicken eggs and meat were the super-super-x-ray secret top priority of the day.  Also, the Pope was seen disappearing with a drug cartel beauty queen from Mexico into his private chambers.  Splat!
The following day a hand written explicative decree was sent to The United States of America logically denouncing the use and eating of unfertilized or aborted chicken eggs.  "Abortion is a crime.  Decorum Protocol Directive.  And then to be a cannibal and eat the abortion?  Savages we still are", decried The Pope.  Apparently the Mexican Beauty Queen who eye shadowed her eyes with blue ice cocaine and scented her hair with cannabis or manna nugg pleaded for the lives of Mexican Bulls killed by matadors in las corridas and ultimately the potency and virility of all men in Mexico. When aficionados watch the destruction of a symbol of their manhood with every death of a bull especially when the bulls are heavily tampered with before the fight, something is wrong.
 We do live in a matriarchal society however and The Pope being a very shrewd spiritual power binging businessman was delighted to attempt to help the Mexican Beauty Queen.  Splat!  Bull Fighting is an expression of men losing their manly identity - disconnecting from past ages. They are manliness personified sitting and rotting decomposing decadenting with no call to duty and war as the globalized capitalistic market and world peace do not permit war because a woman straddles the grand canyon of power these days and there are no new piquing interesting wars blooming these days and men are tiring slightly or are status qua as far as enterprise is concerned while women are cut throat 1001% full blast.
 But The Pope knew he could not simply release man from his deteriorating manliness by banning Bull Fights and retiring Matadors.  Spiritual and soul matters of this complexity are not typically solved in such a straight forward manner.  The best The Pope could do was guarantee the cocaine silver blue sun rise and cannibis maroon fuchsia sunset Mexican Beauty Queen that he would do his best to stop chicken abortion in the USA, reverse psychology, Splat!

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