Friday, May 20, 2011

Poetic-Try-Sing of the Twilit Vernal Vespericol Hours

Bronze Buffalo Statue: Incipient Stone Lion Trump

Fare lion cat on capitol hill
Hail thoughst not
Mr. Ey'em Sore-rey(e) and Ms. Mellow Pro-say-ick,
Of the Dreadnots
Dull-drumming on Suicided Dionysus spirit muck
From Please-ant-vil
So p(l)iss-ant, good copa-seti-ic day,
A tip of the hat(e) to you
And a drop of flak-acid
For your un-potent sewer:
Done, Begone, Did
Fair lie-in, blonde beast, on buffalo holocaust stampede memories
And look back to your home, far east

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Skoll and The Androgneous Fem-Nail Question-Crisis

 No-body likes Trick Tink or Tinkering-ugly-bell sounds or Tinkerbell these days.  Peter Pan has been incarnated by the Forest Enchanter Mytho-F(r)igg toxic gas mask wearing poison petrified decay twig bearing Pan who was notoriously-infamously was rejected by forest Dry-add Nymphettes- literally : in real 3-d life, off the Big Hollywood Screen. Never Never land is no erotic fantasy these days, and, never never was because Disney is criminal in that way.  Fairies, sprites, pixies and especially nymphs created "the [Dostoevsky] women question" in the minds of man and sometime near the turbid murky questionable ends of civilization, as earthen-bad-evil-man-fem-kind knows it, and fell stepped-marched launched away from their dutiful roles as shadow-light straddling-walking earthen creatures and went on strike to control and invade the mind-Apollonian sun world of men - the mega over glaring world of light and truth - The straight forward Apollonian Sunlight lit World ---> lime light down. 

Apollo and The Sun were alarmed, and so were men, because after the suicidal death of Adolf Hitler, no solid man above the traditional power consciousness barrier surface of the sea, or in the power glow of the sun, remained on earth, and, consequently, the soul of man fled to the dark side of the moon to evade the searing seething focused-berserk rays of sympathy emitted by the newly born virgin female sun star.  The dark side of the moon is the last and final hiding place-bunker for man as the androgynous power tides must ebb and flow of necessities bidding or what D.H. Lawrence called the quick, or, what Star Wars fans are accustomed to: The Force.

But the necessary fem-nazi lime sun light power binge went too far. The virgin sun star, in (on-off-on...) question, of the Occidental Western World, doomed-duned-dumed from its cancerous-rotting-abortivica power binge incipiented lesbian asexual birth (the binge caused by a total refusal of some fem-nails to let go of their age long role or a total failure by the light straddlers-walkers to publicly recognize there exist two types of females: shadow walkers and light walkers; or, men can dream-muse-fantasize - androgynous light-shadow walkers-straddlers) due to the male power-void-vacuum that the bullet, that, passed, through, Hitler's skull created : creating a potent - this - toxic aftermath-ol-initial taste of the never before seen Great Vulnerability of the purpose of aggressive outward-objective violence-instincts and the questionable end of manliness, as the ages knew it, which severely tired fatigued destructificated itself waging WWII - and the ceaseless feminine power lusting eye gaped agape mannishly subjective as men were locked out of the feminine subjective realm dominance...permanently?

The subjective male lime Apollonian light, stemming from deeply rutted established gender roles, spanning most Occidental-Western Ages, ended, beginning with the childish feminists mounting the helm of their total runaway man-control subjective complex, which is understandable, launching the full frontal assault retreat of man and traditional subjective manliness as people, buildings, machines, licked their wounds post WWII destructification: all in dire need of a bright Apollonian child-youthfull-mother sun star shining warm pure true pure heartfelt dualistic sympathy healing solve blood-testosterone-coolant and hence the birth of the hyper-machic slow sand driftic virgin feminine Apollonian sun star which today fumes and blazes and syphon suck-vents the men under the sea to death-death-death... evaporating the Na+ Cl- toxic polluted pornographic lustfull mud sun lit light body surface oceans at incredible rates as the men in the moon lose water sway and as the general vaginal beat of Western Women or, fem-nails,  is absolute zero reptilian cold and flooded wet. That of the penis and men is limp castrated and bone dry dead warm. And only Skoll, the brave sun chasing androgynous Norse wolf myth, refused to howl at the moon, in fear that all men would be subjectively-destroyed-buried sufferers under excessively binge-full brutal total absolute feminine control or destined to live on a mega-totally homo-man-sexualized lunar moon, mirroring-complimenting the lesbian sun star (or a planetary civilization closure protocol), and so chased the howling absolute zero cold flooded flood wet sun with dry warm paws and smiles to make sure it did not enter a terminal velocity lesbian rain orgasm circuit sending it into awol orbit: the total refusing to assist in the androgynous subjectivity psyche building process of earthen creatures bearing penises.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blue Jay Jway Joy Death-Jage Poetic-Try-sing

Blue Jay Death Dithyramb Jway

A thousands smiles
And as many a laugh
As I lay with death contemplating end of days
Rendevous? -
Ethereal primavera
And winters full of gaffe
Emphemeral ether blazes barb-torque-bleeding 
Cyclic ways
Three blind mice -
Nursery rhymers scurrying to and fro
Pockets full of scentless pine needles
And ring around the stump
Treading nigh dead rodent -
To me death did show
Ashen ashes and charred winters chills 
Off the Haven Dale parking tower I doth-did not jump
Metal grate a final inanimate still place
4 Blue Feathered Jay Featherd Blue 
Jway(1) of death to name a few
Skeleton skull humble altar flowerae designats atop
Sacri-fis of ironic November cactus bloom
To sacri-fisial sun baked skoll added 
Eternal imminent brew
Jay felled - blue feather adornmants fall
In deaths order and dew (k)not falter
(1) -- (joy hybrid: dedicated to jay and death shrine shine)

Poem of the Day

 Mystic-cuss Joy-uh-way Anihilitic-cuz


Tyr's essence ether-good edge
Dreathdicnal Crys-tears-glad-grim(n)s-shine-dag-nir offered/\presented AT-AT Gates of Valaskjalf-holla,
Following essence ether blaze sapient salient incipient coalescent coalescence-TRY-dented by Tha Falla.
Fallen Falling Fell-en-Heled Felled Frowning Scarecrow - To: one-hand-less Tyr,
Involved in mega massive heavy duty - The Binding of Fenrir.!.
Odin's Ravens [Huginn>-<Muninn] to Frowning Scare Crow dared not draw nigh
T[o]o cast glance at fabrication of weaponrir - to[o] spy
Nor did The Terrible One glance cast the terrible all glaring eye
Fore L[oo]ki out Loki white out whited Bifrost tri-color bridge out .!. on the sly .!.
Hephaestus crafted: Yggdrasil Twig Mead laced metal - dwarFvyan alloys - and silver
While Tonguing desa-con-see-cration - quick-Skoll dead sunned tooth - silver
Wolf howls of piercing-stride-dent pitch
Ethereal Machine Sky torn assunder - incipient Bluedrift Fallen Sky Mantel Helmn--->
Mega-Over-whelming goodness, good-good-uber-hyphic-over-rich [XP]
Mego-Majestical bowing bow bow-ed: Down ---!
Desicae-con-secrationet(red)civic mind injected force - n(aught)ot gift
Nirvanic good, o'cyanic liquid ice good essence
O' od good od od-i(eye)-ty- desert pet-rif-ied sand dune drift-ic pure cerulean -r-ane
Spawnic-ed !!! <--- ED(O)GE ---> !!! Bye-(Frostic Giant)-mega-nova-can-us howl-pierce
Pro-vide-ence and mercy - noble, honorable, directivic Tyr: har-binger of good essence Tyr tears good
Incipient dawnicol edge: Dread-thic-nowl Cry-tear-grim-dag-nir ...
Good Bluedrift infused: Drakonic-Severe-Fierce ---<

Tyr's edge's sheath
Good Edge induced suicideathdical recoil
Good essence scrutiny amidst toxic polluted waste-land-bone-sands
Good death-grim mirthful demurring
Black-brown outed fried mind wasted land laden mosaic earthen sheath
Exposed raw abrasively chafed from this essence ether word heiro-glyphitti fabrication
Dreath-dique-nol Cry-tears-grin-dager-nir
Good Tyr good essence - receptoric?
Good essence purity scan - directive protocol droid good purificating-vying
Which Gaea Goddess WitchWhore Crone Cronic from toxic poison bower
Swallows essence ether heiro-graffiti-glyphicao sheath
Good fabricated essence - receptoric triflictalactic
Never never land evergreens fall falling fallen fall-ed in toxic poison inverted-abortionistica bower
Dreadnal-ol essence radio-active-hating frecuentive now
De-activised dim dimming dimmed dulled erase erasing erased good Tyr cry tear bluedrift pure power control
Godeath beeth Deadeth, whateth needeth hatheth thiseth soileth ofeth sucheth goodeth midnight blue flower
Cancerous Petty Fascism Doped Terran-Human-Torn heart dropped
Into Which Witches rotten gold greedy stomach power brew mire bog on death fire mix
Oozing cyanide orange-red junk blood
Directive protocol droid quatum mechanically ether essence crafted
From Forsaken FrowningScareCrow poisoned toxic doped veins.
In mind:
Abortivic nothing bomb depth charges,
Fire cracker sparkler-lings,
And 4th of July magic burning black oil rainbow petroleum growing-oozing frozen blooded snakes
FrowningScareCrow dashes 3-D quatum mechanical desert wastedland cape
Blind-sending good essence of which essence all seeing eye partakes
Good Trith(truth) and Good Bitty(beauty):
Are noth my kindred - alien hypnotic tools.
Fraudulent words and photons are upside down heart-dark spade of the matter
On sheathing fabricated good blue raining tear Tyr essence:
'What need and use have I of idol' - twilight, midnight, suicidal good (k)night -
'Good alcohol idol-ol idle matter chatter?'

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mystic-cuss Joy-uh-way Anihilitic-cuz


Tyr's essence ether-good edge

Dreathdicnal Crys-tears-glad-grim(n)s-shine-dag-nir offered/\presented AT-AT Gates of Valaskjalf-holla,
Following essence ether blaze sapient salient incipient coalescence coalescence-TRY-dented by Tha Falla.
Fallen Falling Fell-en-Heled Felled Frowning Scarecrow - To: one-hand-less Tyr,
Involved in mega massive heavy duty - The Binding of Fenrir.!.
Odin's Ravens [Huginn>-<Muninn] to Frowning Scare Crow dared not draw nigh
T[o]o cast glance at fabrication of weaponrir - to[o] spy
Nor did The Terrible One cast the terrible all glaring eye
Fore L[oo]ki out Loki white out whited out Bifrost tri-color bridge .!. on the sly .!.
Hephaestus crafted: Yggdrasil Twig Mead laced metal - dwarFvyan alloys - and silver
While Tonguing desa-con-see-cration - quick-Skoll dead sunned tooth -silver
Wolf howls of piercing-stride-dent pitch
Ethereal Machine Sky torn assunder - incipient Bluedrift Fallen Sky Mantel Helmn--->
Mega-Over-Whelming goodness, good-good-uber-hyphic-over-rich [XP]
Mego-Majestical bowing bow bow-ed: Down ---
Desa-con-secrationativic mind injected force - n(aught)ot gift
Nirvanic good, o'cyanic liquid ice good essence
O' od good od od-i(eye)-ty desert pet-rif-ied sand dune driftic pure r-ane
Spawn-ed, ED(O)GE, bi-(Frostic Giant)-mega-nova-can-us howl pierce
Pro-vide-ence and mercy - noble, honorable, directivic Tyr: har-binger of good essence tears good
Incipient edge: Dread-thic-nowl Cry-tear-grim-dag-nir - Good Bluedrift infused, drakonic, severe, fierce

Tyr's edge's sheath

Good Edge induced recoil, good essence scrutiny, and wasteland sands good dermuring
Black mosaic earthen sheath from this essence ether glyph fabrication - Dreathdiquenal Cry-tear-grim-dag-nir good essence - receptoric?
Good essence purity scan - directive protocol droid good purificating-vying
Witch Gaea Goddess Whore - swallows essence ether glyph sheath, good fabricated essence - receptoric triflictalatic
Evergreens fall falling fallen in toxic bower
Dreadnal essence radio-ating active now - de-actived dimmed dulled erased good power
Godeath beeth Deadeth, whateth needeth hatheth thiseth soileth ofeth sucheth goodeth flower
Cancerous Terran heart dropped into Witches stomach brew mix - mire
Oozing red junk blood, directive protocol droid crafted, from Forsaken Frowning Scare Crow sire
In mind: abortive depth charges, fire cracker sparkler-lings, and magic burning growing snakes
Frowning Scare crow dashes 3-D quatum mechanical desert wastland cape blind-sending good essence of which essence eye partakes
Good Trith(truth) and good Bitty(beauty), are noth my kindred - alien hypnotic tools - fraudulant words and photons are heart of the matter
On sheathing fabricated good essence: 'what need have I of idol' - twilight, midnight, good night good alcohol idol-ol - idle matter chatter?

Naked Teaser 4 Poem of the Day

 Draksciss Vanguard

Rusty, dilapidated tank - tread walker
Cannons quiet, none a talker.
Death's talon taps on plated metal
Echoes against scarred hill settle.
Dark planet bound, hooded by starlight - unfinity - distant
Silent dark pure - invisible force lit, blazing, insistant.
Vanguard emblem on metal plating - brend branded
From the depths slowly flashes - livence - Citadel commanded!!!

The Universal Health Care Crisis: A Perspective

 All sides of the Political Tri-Spectrum Blue Left, Red Right, and Green Quasi-Technic-Left, debate aggressively in such a demure urbane or genthen - humanfemticae - method that vital energies are internalized in potentially abortive ways.  What is needed is a little honesty and a new perspective, believe it, inspired by the social programs of The PRC or Peoples Republic of China which is a rough westernized translation of the pinyin characters signifying the realm literally translated "center state". What I believe to be the current Mega Power of the world -center state - China, though it still be in the process of gestation, potentially has much to teach US here in The USA or SA, States of America - notably that an atheist run state is viable, a one party state is viable, strict government controls on the contents of its citizens psyche (i.e. their academic system is preserved and history and other disciplines respected by banning the material from the public domain because in all reality it is not of public concern to know history to that extent as well as a ban on negative and excessive political bantering which is never a sign of health for a country - to name a few) , and a cutting edge total ban on any and all types of sexual pornography - displayed canvassed trampled rampantly here in the minds of Americans free of charge, creating massive social problems, displaced vital energies, distress, and the sickening abominable unsustainable rift-contra-anti-contra-diction of an ultra pious Nast WASP Nest and the Gross Sin Hole Vent that be Las Vegas. 
In my opinion both WASP and Sin spirit energy resources have dried up ended -beyond good and evil - but must need end above the surface... NOW!!!... Or?!?!?... and Vegas "Culture" needs to be cleaned up, fully overhauled, factorized and distributed throughout The American States starting with the elimination of the concept of "sin" - and the acceptance that we live in a sexually castrated nation; which is another severe issue and outside the scope of this blogg post - the acceptance of social-androgynous-sexual-coquette-class-etiquette-decorum grooming system so peoples must not need escape to Vegas to "sin" and there escape the confines-psychological stress walls of petty fascism, mega effective protective anti-insemination safe sex programs taught at ever earlier ages until a solid pragmatic viable age is reached and a general openly sexual thrust push throughout the country aimed to eliminate the sexual castration of the nation including a welcome to all Sex Paraphernalia Stores and a dismissal of all complaints dealing with sin and the assumed absolute anytime shy innocence of children which only propagates the dabacle currently in full force.
 The core of the Universal Health Care Debate-Knot-Debacle-Crisis-Severe Stress Point is this:  the Socialistic Blue believes all Sates of America, SA, Citizens - and otherwise, which should be directivicated - should have access to health care - and not only that, it should be directed, that mega-massive waves of doctor teams and nurses and health aids and medicine and surgery crews should be exported to needy countries-realms-localities-nodes. There is however a severe crisis-cal crime in this; may it be short sightedness, power binging, what have you:  the total runaway capitalistic market train machine is not streamlined-configured to support this kind of health initiative without a massive overhaul of the globalized socio-capitalistic market machine operational protocol which potentially could overpopulate the earth at a massive rate, grow so mega runaway fast and become so unstable that the globalized market will crash precipitate in a bad or fatal way, or simply require so much machinery that global warming could exterminate us, or, most importantly, so much energy would be expended in carbon fuel powered unnecessary redundant cancerous growth and the population grown so large that increasingly massive fractures and instabilities would occur when the time comes to make the transition to a hydrogen, nuclear, fusion, solar-wind powered machine-economy. 
 The Capitalistic Red is aware of this population control issue and humanely declares medical care freedom must be earned.  This day however is over, as the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Age is dawning and upon us.  Freedom must be earned.  Freedom is not free.  And the Red Right plays a critical indispensable role in maintaining the balance of cancer-izing the total runaway capitalist machine with dangerous optimum public health and population explosions for the reasons mentioned above.  In addition, the USA should implement population controls, akin once again to China, as should the rest of the globalized capitalistic market world where necessary.  Personally I believe: 1 child is viable per societal cell unit, 2 children a maximum per societal cell unit, and if parents-siblings-families-neighborhoods-tribes want any more children then urged-forced to the adoption agency they will be. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Amazing Androgyn Bitty: Betty

Betty is from the same Gladgrimshine realm as the Calicutless Iridescent Cat.  The word for beauty in Calicutless, used by men in the neighboring town of Terranville, where all of the citizens, or hoplites, are men, is bitty. The uglification of the word beauty is part of the Male Androgyn Movement initiated by the men of Terranville. Most men of Gladgrimshine abandoned association with women in the Androgyn Sex Rebellion after the abortive matriarchal societies castrated their desire demand beseechment for clean fresh equal participation in social-sexual-coquette-proprietary relations as the power binging fem-Nazis bearing razor edged stilettos and always waiting in silent ambush only to destroy standard male advances and constantly taunted, unless of course it was a matter of money or power or fame, which brought the women running faster than a black hole warping light out of the universe, causing these men to resettle in Terranville in absolute uni-sexual-fied isolative protest and new found fresh air and freedom.  This male isolation movement proved to be fortuitous in several ways: as far as women being weeping weak pitiful baby factories underneath their fem-Nazi ways when singled out and isolated from other women-kind and thus global overpopulation due to runaway globalized capitalistic markets and free medicine and public health for all which also exacerbated the population problem was deterred significantly.  Before the move men gave a final ultimatum: become androgynous like us, compromise and step to the middle of social-sexual-neutrality or suffer the consequences of us leaving indefinitely.  Women as a unified whole could not give up their womanliness, could not meet men half way in androgynaiety, and their dirty dreams, aspirations and endless lust for money, power, fame could also not be thwarted and thus all of them were uniformly left behind in Calicutless.
 The only Terranville men who venture into Calicutless are vengeful zealous assassins that attempt and very often are successful in killing the remaining males in Calicutless who control the money, power, the roads to fame, and of course herds and herds of women.  Progress does seem to be dawning on the horizon as the men of Terranville have Spartan-esque decorum and protocol.  All defectors are immediately assassinated.  The hope of the future is that the male babies produced in female population dominated Calicutless that are not assasinated will no longer have any ties to the past debacle of the pre-Androgyn Sex Rebellion and therefore will be defunct, abortive, effeminate abortions.  Even outside Gladgrimshine in the traditional countries on earth like the USA, men are calling women "guys" and "man" habitually without even knowing it which brings smiles of warmth to the hearts of the male society of Terranville.  There is no need for birthing female bodies in Terranville as technology has progressed to an extent that babies are produced from stem cells and develop in artificial machine wombs.  The USA and other foul trifriculated moralizing countries dislike Gladgrimshine, and impose embargos and other economic deterrents but greed is not a problem in the Gladgrimshine Realm and the economy is poor but life giving and self-sufficiently-sustainable.  Many women suffragettes from the US and other provincial western countries visit Calicutless.  All attempts are made to assassinate these Political Terrorists by the zealot assassins of the Silent Dark Echelon from Terranville shadowing the tacit decorum tenants of the Androgyn Sex Rebellion and the past several years has seen fewer and fewer of these idealistically belligerent harmful abominable women and men enter the Gladgrimshine Realm.
One strange day a strange woman named Betty approached with a silent yellow flag (yellow was the color of death in Terranville) with the words Bitty painted in a dark color upon it and was not killed in her approach to the front gates of the city which shocked the men of Terranville in the aftermath that her approach was permitted at all.  Outside of the city gates Betty spoke her plea unto the deaf, unlistening ears of the men of Terranville which cannot be written or repeated here because no man in Terranville was listening.  When she was met with utter silence and blank cold stares Betty pulled out a sad gleaming knife, slit her wrists and bled to death there outside of the gates of Terranville in silents hushed spasms and tears. After several weeks, the stiff body lying in a dark dried red pool of blood was thrown into the sea wrapped in the yellow flag and was never seen again.

News: Mad Green Terrorist Shoots Himself Through Head to Avoid Capture After Monkey Wrench Gang Bombing

Gregor Ryan "Parks on" Fire, a self professed neurotic green terrorist and imaginary member of the monkey wrench game, wrote in a suicide letter, that he "went off the deep end" when he had a clear as day poignant REM sleep that the petty fascists steer fronting America attempted to shatter poison toxify destroy his life momentum inertia and thoughts through the ability to control a sleeping dream or rather created a completely unnecessary lucid intentionally pettily fascist downer nightmare.  This realization experience tri-frekulated angered berserked erraticized him to the extent that he quit his job and took his life savings and moved to a suburb of The Fattest Apple Ever, The Citi-Dell, The Dark City, or hideously for the grotesque mindless layman, New York or blankly for the loser: The City.  Shortly after the move, Gregor using his precision bomb making skills developed a mission to destroy the power grid of the Citadel and causing a sever crisis of a brown out for what he declared: "a good long while.  Long enough for the zombies to take to the streets, forget their fascist television caused mind control instilled humanity and start eating each other like the petty fascist cannibals they are for their own survival and to shut down the stock market, monetary systems, and create a shock wave mega enough to disrupt world trade for a good long while - hopefully a long enough while to cause a collapse of globalized capitalism market system."

Hard Wired Matrix Software - Unpleasant Chemical Hardware Reactions - Cancers of Western Civilization

 How does the nurturing effect or the development of the hard wired matrix software installed by the cancers of western civilization affect inflict cause unpleasant chemical hardware reactions? And how can one change, reload, transcend this cocktail of depressed slave pessimism of petty fascism and avoid wallowing in the mire?  Every event of our life from the smallest drop of a needle into a haystack to the threat of a Betelgeuse Supernova which resides not too far from earth in the dreamy blue icy star embrace of the Pleiades, which could potentially be blown to smithereens from the Mega-Super Red Giants implosion, registers somewhere in the universe, is counted; the all seeing eye sees all or most, which, does not mean that trith or truth is catered to and patronized with ultimate clarity every nanosecond onward unto infinity like the foolish abrasive idealism of some antiquated commandeering.  Lies are necessary or trith would not exist.  A world without the concept of trith because lies ceased to exist would be one that has overcome a cancer of western civilization, the seed that planted the ten commandeerings and there would be no stigma behind the concepts of truth and lie etched in a hideous black and white light dappled opposition.  Shadow is light and light shadow as Emerson wrote in his poem Brahma.
And when all these life experiences register by affecting neurons with light entering the optical nerve, monkey senses photonically-unconsciously monkey hard wire matrix programmed be, is often the refrain sung for uneducated unthinking individuals who usually actually see nothing but are unconsciously programmed or matrix hard wire softwared by their life experiences.  Intuition and experience lead me to believe that not even the optical nerve must of necessity be involved but rather simply a living mind which is affected by the mega-grand pulses-bandwidths of the herd-tribe-crowd which is quantum mechanical interconnectedness of every other human, animal, plant, etc, or machines, on earth and perhaps in the universe (although extraterrestrial presences are further away and thus a reduced ether signature in the Brahma Programmatic herd-tribe-crowd consciousness - very likely extraterrestrial technology allows an alien civilization to cloak or erase their ether signatures in our minds).
One poignant example of cancer ridden hard wired matrix software I encountered and the short sightedness of science explaining unpleasant chemical hardware reactions occurred while listening to the popular radio show Love Line one night a while back starring Dr. Drew and Mr. Adam Corolla.  A listener called in and complained that literally every post-coitus chemical hardware reaction involved entailed overwhelming depression and negativity lasting for an hour or so or what Chuck Palahniuk mentioned somewhere in the intro or end notes of his book, Fight Club, gleaned from the French term or concept: la petite mort or little death - which is a much healthier concept as far as I am concerned, but, still perhaps denotes taintedness in this deeply overly etched rut, and is simply the mild-cancer escaping-healing in sight at the good end of the spectrum.
 Dr. Drew went on to explain to this kid, in sexual and unpleasant chemical hardware reaction turmoil, that that was the bodies standard operating procedure post-terminus-coitus.  I see this as the short sightedness of contemporary science.  Yes, very reasonably, people here in America do generally experience this effect to the extent that it sways scientific data, but, why?  And certainly I do not believe people living during the Renaissance or the Pre-christian Pax Romana or even those people worshiping Brahma or Atma in Hindi Temples in the 11th and 12th centuries adorned with fornicating statues had these same depressing negative unpleasant chemical hardware reactions.  What I believe to be at the root of this is the poisoning of the mind with Catholic Churnch whole-lie-oye-ill herd-tribe-crowd ether bandwidth that spreads and perpetuates as long as bodies or carries of this type-brend of divine spirit live - or so the Romans believed and failed at their extermination and control tasks.  The Pope Concept is the symbolic figurehead of this movement - and this symbolic figurehead must be mentioned here as the symbolic root of this young mans turmoils or term-oye-ills.  The Jewish concept of The Fall and endless guilt untoward infinity is also invoked here as a dustified antiquated living-dead petrified filth root.  Thus the two cancers of western civilization are unconsciously still determining this young mans mind or hard wired matrix software and causing unpleasant chemical hardware reactions due to the stock hard wired matrix software he has developed by existing so far within the Western World.
 Don Juan

There also exists a drive in America for those with enough leisure and money to "get high" on something and in most cases this turns out to be drugs.  There are two purposes for drugs.  The most common is to numb the numbness with absolute oblivion or numbness in order to be transported to a nothing frame of mind which is really a search for another world but most people simply hit a barrier and do not realize this and find peace in this form of nihilism which is taking a vacation to nowhere and nothing.  The other type of high is a breakthrough or a perspective building adventure much like that spoken of in the literature of Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan.  But again, what is the point when writers like Albert Camus write about the incongruity of poignant epiphanies-insights and the salient ubiquitous nauseatingly consistent pulse of human civilization whose immutable overlords be the cancers of Western Civilization.  Drug addicts, of the Castaneda type-brend, have different configurations-orbits around this internal summer sun of epiphany and thus different orbits-configurations or frequencies-periods of earthly fascism-nihilism exposure.
 Thus in both cases at least from my experience nihilism reigns on earth; regrettably in the second case, which is the basking in the "eternal summer within" that Camus wrote about.  Eternal summer sun smiles within are not swallowed nor dissipated by nihilism - that spiritual solar presence will never be swallowed by nihilism - but, protects from the nihilist provocateur that be petty fascism and accompanying cancerous ills, and, at times, shocks a sun bather into suicidal nihilism when for a few moments, clouds abrasive shocking clouds, float in front of the sun casting a death wish of a shadow, and frequently ends in unfortunate but necessary suicidal death.  The  anti-pope-cancer push of Western Civilization is a well established  underground Urstaat, a fresh virgin sun waiting to be skied-born, buried somewhere in the core of the earth in a process of gestation.  The only question remaining today:  will this fresh virgin sun star be an abortion strangled to death by the cancerous capitalistic market and its machines and abortivicating monkeys and their bad chemical hardware reactions?