Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Darko, Aircraft Carriers, and Missile Carriers: The Difference

This is for all the numbskull warmongers who come to my blog searching for aircraft carriers.  Firstly aircraft these days are obsolete no matter how cool and cloaked they are.  Notice the phoenix missile and all other more advanced rockets.  Pilots sit in front of a video game display and shoot missiles over large distances and have probabilities of being hit from a missile coming out of nowhere at Mach 10.  There is no war sport in that.  Midway...oh Midway...To the missile carriers we go my war mongering friends.  I mean...  Stop searching for aircraft carriers and start liking China better.  Their social policies and governmental structure from what I know has something to offer us Americans by through a new fresh perspective, i.e., a country founded on atheism and anti-pornography.  This is the era of fighting rogue international gangsters not world wars.  Nobody needs an aircraft carrier to fight rogue international gangsters nor a missile carrier.  Darko is my stuffed animal wolf I found at the dump.  Go Darko!!!
Empire 4 Class Missile Carrier

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