Monday, May 16, 2011

The Amazing Androgyn Bitty: Betty

Betty is from the same Gladgrimshine realm as the Calicutless Iridescent Cat.  The word for beauty in Calicutless, used by men in the neighboring town of Terranville, where all of the citizens, or hoplites, are men, is bitty. The uglification of the word beauty is part of the Male Androgyn Movement initiated by the men of Terranville. Most men of Gladgrimshine abandoned association with women in the Androgyn Sex Rebellion after the abortive matriarchal societies castrated their desire demand beseechment for clean fresh equal participation in social-sexual-coquette-proprietary relations as the power binging fem-Nazis bearing razor edged stilettos and always waiting in silent ambush only to destroy standard male advances and constantly taunted, unless of course it was a matter of money or power or fame, which brought the women running faster than a black hole warping light out of the universe, causing these men to resettle in Terranville in absolute uni-sexual-fied isolative protest and new found fresh air and freedom.  This male isolation movement proved to be fortuitous in several ways: as far as women being weeping weak pitiful baby factories underneath their fem-Nazi ways when singled out and isolated from other women-kind and thus global overpopulation due to runaway globalized capitalistic markets and free medicine and public health for all which also exacerbated the population problem was deterred significantly.  Before the move men gave a final ultimatum: become androgynous like us, compromise and step to the middle of social-sexual-neutrality or suffer the consequences of us leaving indefinitely.  Women as a unified whole could not give up their womanliness, could not meet men half way in androgynaiety, and their dirty dreams, aspirations and endless lust for money, power, fame could also not be thwarted and thus all of them were uniformly left behind in Calicutless.
 The only Terranville men who venture into Calicutless are vengeful zealous assassins that attempt and very often are successful in killing the remaining males in Calicutless who control the money, power, the roads to fame, and of course herds and herds of women.  Progress does seem to be dawning on the horizon as the men of Terranville have Spartan-esque decorum and protocol.  All defectors are immediately assassinated.  The hope of the future is that the male babies produced in female population dominated Calicutless that are not assasinated will no longer have any ties to the past debacle of the pre-Androgyn Sex Rebellion and therefore will be defunct, abortive, effeminate abortions.  Even outside Gladgrimshine in the traditional countries on earth like the USA, men are calling women "guys" and "man" habitually without even knowing it which brings smiles of warmth to the hearts of the male society of Terranville.  There is no need for birthing female bodies in Terranville as technology has progressed to an extent that babies are produced from stem cells and develop in artificial machine wombs.  The USA and other foul trifriculated moralizing countries dislike Gladgrimshine, and impose embargos and other economic deterrents but greed is not a problem in the Gladgrimshine Realm and the economy is poor but life giving and self-sufficiently-sustainable.  Many women suffragettes from the US and other provincial western countries visit Calicutless.  All attempts are made to assassinate these Political Terrorists by the zealot assassins of the Silent Dark Echelon from Terranville shadowing the tacit decorum tenants of the Androgyn Sex Rebellion and the past several years has seen fewer and fewer of these idealistically belligerent harmful abominable women and men enter the Gladgrimshine Realm.
One strange day a strange woman named Betty approached with a silent yellow flag (yellow was the color of death in Terranville) with the words Bitty painted in a dark color upon it and was not killed in her approach to the front gates of the city which shocked the men of Terranville in the aftermath that her approach was permitted at all.  Outside of the city gates Betty spoke her plea unto the deaf, unlistening ears of the men of Terranville which cannot be written or repeated here because no man in Terranville was listening.  When she was met with utter silence and blank cold stares Betty pulled out a sad gleaming knife, slit her wrists and bled to death there outside of the gates of Terranville in silents hushed spasms and tears. After several weeks, the stiff body lying in a dark dried red pool of blood was thrown into the sea wrapped in the yellow flag and was never seen again.

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