Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Attention Post-Cold War Enthusiasts and Is-ra-ill (Israel) Numbskulls!!!

 Israel does, I repeat does, have nuclear ICBM'S aimed at Iran.  Do not forget this world. Jews whine heavily and make a grotesque spectacle of themselves here in America about their plight that Iran might have primitive nukes aimed at their - country?  I refer Zionists to Cold War History for tips and Iran and Iranians as well.  I rather enjoyed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech at Columbia University and am embarrassed by, from, and about the American man who gave a spineless introduction and the foolish reactions and laughter of my countryman to homosexual mentions amongst other things.  I think it only fair that Iran be allowed to have a defensive nuclear deterrent against a potential Israeli extermination of the Iranian country or at least an International-United Nations Mediation Missile Defense System to eliminate nuclear threats from both sides instead of the endless nauseating political jargon, i.e. bullshit, that brainwashes and pollutes the USA populace and the world including a nauseating speech by Tony Blair at Yale University with talk of glaring rockets.  Notice the picture of rockets as they should be above.

Thanks for you time world.



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