Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blue Jay Jway Joy Death-Jage Poetic-Try-sing

Blue Jay Death Dithyramb Jway

A thousands smiles
And as many a laugh
As I lay with death contemplating end of days
Rendevous? -
Ethereal primavera
And winters full of gaffe
Emphemeral ether blazes barb-torque-bleeding 
Cyclic ways
Three blind mice -
Nursery rhymers scurrying to and fro
Pockets full of scentless pine needles
And ring around the stump
Treading nigh dead rodent -
To me death did show
Ashen ashes and charred winters chills 
Off the Haven Dale parking tower I doth-did not jump
Metal grate a final inanimate still place
4 Blue Feathered Jay Featherd Blue 
Jway(1) of death to name a few
Skeleton skull humble altar flowerae designats atop
Sacri-fis of ironic November cactus bloom
To sacri-fisial sun baked skoll added 
Eternal imminent brew
Jay felled - blue feather adornmants fall
In deaths order and dew (k)not falter
(1) -- (joy hybrid: dedicated to jay and death shrine shine)

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