Friday, May 6, 2011

Breaking News From the Portland-Oregon-Capital Anarchist District

 The Nihilo-Anarcho-citic commune in the anarchist district of Portland-Oregone deployed created groomed a band of active nihilist that thought they were martyrs of nothing naught not naughts and strapped smoke signal black and red smoke grenades to their bodies and in the zocolo of the dis-strict and in one giant red angry thrust push hole-gasm detonated shard shock pipe bombs in they anuses and cunts and rods and immediately were incinerated blowing their selves to pieces yelling that they were sacrificing their selves to their angry nothing athiestic tendencies which prompted them to autopilot themselves into it and blew their control triflicted minds and bodies to tool death pieces.

Love the vent-tri-liquist of the penic ___ Draco Ruffinius Feralcrow

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